Summer waxing tips


Bikini tidy
Think Bonds knickers line – the basic bikini wax for a boy leg cut.

Extended Bikini
Think G string at the front, or if you were to wear a high leg bikini.


The bare all wax. If you are wanting to make sure you can wear whatever you want at the beach, this is the way to go. It ensures you are super smooth at the front and all the way around and you can choose how much or little to leave. Most commonly, people leave a landing strip at the front or remove it all (called a Hollywood).

Helpful hints


• Showing off your feet and toes in your jandals this summer? Getting the rogue hairs on your feet and toes waxed is very common and is super quick and easy.

• Ingrown hairs tend to be more prevalent in summer due to the heat and sweat. Be vigilant and make sure you exfoliate regularly to remove dead skin cells and help the hair breach the surface of the skin. Also, avoid wearing tight clothing over the freshly waxed area for 48 hours after your treatment.

• Getting an eyelash tint is one of the best lifesavers for your lashes this summer so you can throw away that mascara and don’t have to worry about panda eyes! If you want to go for an extra nourishing glossy effect try clear mascara like Billion Dollar Brows Forever Lash which conditions lashes.

• If you want to apply fake tan of any form, wax first and wait approx 24 hours before applying the product. This will ensure the smoothest, most streak free application.

• Never wax just after sunbathing or a tanning salon. Tanning harms the epidermis – the outer layer of skin – so it will be a lot more sensitive when waxing.

• After waxing, wait at least a few hours before going into a hot tub, sauna, or a public swimming pool. As your hair follicles are opened through the waxing process, they are susceptible to harbouring bacteria found in these environments.

• Try to be patient and let hair grow to at least ½ – 1cm before waxing again. DON’T shave in between waxes – it makes it super difficult to maintain a regular cycle and you will be more prone to ingrown hairs.

Written by Nicky Shore
8 Osborne Street, Newmarket, Auckland, 1023

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