Summer skin tips with Bridget Crone from Mood Skin Clinic

Summer skincare

Bridget Crone, Beauty Therapist and owner of Mood Skin Clinic. Image supplied.

Summer is here and it’s important to make sure you’re looking after your skin and protecting it from the sun properly, especially here in New Zealand where the sun is particularly harsh. If you have a regular beauty routine it’s a good idea to adjust it accordingly for the warmer months keeping in mind things like the beach, swimming pools and just being outdoors in general. We caught up with beauty therapist Bridget Crone from Mood Skin Clinic about summer skin concerns and got her top tips for looking after your skin this season.

What are the skin concerns that women ask you about in summer?
The main concerns we get asked about the the most over summer is oily skin, breakouts, pigmentation and redness.

Which products do you recommend for glowing summer skin?
– Number 1 is sunscreen! This is soooooo important. Every single day. All year round. Rain, wind or shine. No excuses!

– Next is water – 2/3 litres a day, hydrated skin will glow.

– Taking Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) daily is a big one. Internal support is super important and required for healthy glowing youthful skin, strong nails and shiny thick healthy hair. They are essential to creating the foundations of healthy skin.

– Vitamin C serums are fabulous not only with helping skin to glow but also providing great antioxidant protection, stimulating more collagen production, amazing support and strength system for the skin, brightening and improves texture and firmness.

Also, I would recommend products that will help to inhibit tyrosinase and protect from unwanted pigmentation. For example our Melanotech system of Melanotech drops, Melanotech Creme and Super Bright will do this.

Summer skincare

During and after Enzyme therapy (showing Plasmatic effect which fades) at Mood Skin Clinic.

Are there any great treatments that can help prepare your skin for summer and party season?
Hands down our signature enzyme therapy! What you see on the surface of your skin reflects what is happening within so the treatments help restore and regulate optimal skin functioning to address the cause of specific problems, not just the symptoms you can see. Restoring skin back to its peak condition and giving you the “glow” back.

Where some cosmetic facial treatments only act on the surface of the skin, Enzyme therapy works with the internal function and structure of the skin. We can strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to create a healthy environment for cells to live and thrive in. Using a philosophy of remove, rebuild, protect and maintain!

With Enzyme Therapy and muscle banding we can exercise facial muscles and leave the skin feeling firm and totally glowing – this instant lift is incredible before a special occasion.

When we are able to get your skin healthy and functioning not only to we get the glow back but sometimes a Plasmatic effect will happen! This is when the capillary next work comes up to the surface of the skin but don’t worry it usually goes down within 10 – 15 minutes.

Summer skincare

Bridget’s recommended products for summer.

What are your top tips for healthy summer skin?
1. Drink lots of water. Your skin will love you for it.
2. Use SPF everyday (no excuses) It’s not worth the risk of over sun exposure! Also, reapply your sunscreen – every 2 hours if can especially if you’re swimming.
3. Keep up with your skincare regimen. Really important to try and not let it slip over the holiday season. What you feed your skin on a daily basis that keeps your skin glowing between treatments.
4. Relax and rest. If you’re not stressed your skin is happy.
5. Try and do a weekly exfoliant and mask – something nice and hydrating.
6. Always cleanse off your makeup before bed.
7. Also, if you’re prone to breakouts make sure you also get the sweat off your skin as soon as you can after exercising.

Images supplied.

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