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Danielle Hayes on the runway for Jarrad Godman at NZFW 2018. Image by Getty Images.

The summer break is finally here and with it comes the opportunity to catch up on some of the great stories you may have missed in the craziness of the year. We’ve curated our favourite features and interviews for you from 2019 on FashioNZ.

Danielle Hayes on growing up in front of the camera
I struggled initially with managing my being in the public eye; it was a wake up call to not be able to take a stroll on a sunny day down the street without being stopped for a chat or a photo… Read More

Seeing Double: Copycats in fashion
Now mainstream fashion moves so fast it is dizzying, and fast-fashion copycats have stoked that engine to move faster than it ever has before… Read More

Why generically grading fashion brands on ethics is problematic
We wouldn’t say that a scale based on grades of those who did and didn’t participate is exactly fair no matter how well meaning the guide’s intentions… Read More

Denise L’Estrange Corbet on 30 years of WORLD
“I became a designer as it was the only thing that held my attention for any length of time. I have the attention span of a gnat, and so much bores me rigid, people, stuff etc…”Read More

Why fashion’s changing attitude to plus size women matters
The fashion industry has long been notorious for having little interest in plus size women, but times are changing and slowly the industry is too… Read More

Marc Moore from Stolen Girlfriends Club on sustainability and his epic shows
It’s been quite a crazy ride since their early beginnings, fast forward to 2019 and Marc is now the sole person of the three friends still working on Stolen Girlfriends Club full-time and it is very much his baby… Read More

How to shop your wardrobe
With the movement towards buying less and only buying things when you need them many people are re-evaluating their wardrobes and making them work better… Read More

What to do with your old makeup
Our beauty editor did a little research and came up with a list of options on how to get rid of your old makeup… Read More

New Zealand’s best gender-neutral fashion labels
Androgynous-inspired trends have been popping up throughout fashion’s timeline, however it’s now in 2019 that we’re seeing unisex dressing get the sartorial stronghold it deserves… Read More

Meet curvy model and opera singer Isabella Moore
Isabella Moore owned the runway at New Zealand Fashion Week 2019, with the statuesque model walking in eight different designer shows throughout the week… Read More

Rose McIver as Rose and George Mason as Eric in Daffodils. Image by Matt Klitscher.

Costume Designer Sarah Voon on creating the nostalgic looks for Daffodils
It’s a heartfelt story of a bittersweet relationship, family and what it means to grow up and find yourself in Aotearoa. Costumer designer Sarah Voon had the challenge of bringing the Daffodils costumes to life for each character over an extended period of time… Read More

Grace Stratton on making change in the fashion industry
It’s been a very big year so far for All is for All co-founder and university student Grace Stratton who launched the social change agency back in March… Read More

Kiri Nathan leads Maori fashion hikoi to China
The designer wants to see Māori fashion being recognised and valued both nationally and internationally for its quality and unique point of difference… Read More

What is skin fatigue and how do we fight it?
Lifestyle factors such as lack of sleep, smoking, drinking, dehydration, unhealthy diet and stress can be some of the main causes of skin fatigue… Read More

Designers Adrian Norris and Edwina Forest on Aje’s arrival in NZ
Adrian and Edwina have continued to focus on utilising traditional artisanal techniques in their work, sharing their mutual love of the arts and appreciation for the raw beauty of nature through their collections… Read More

Donielle Brooke on the sustainability of Designer Wardrobe
What began as a small Facebook group and hobby for Donielle in 2013 has evolved into an entrepreneurial business that is now at the forefront of the clothing rental market in NZ… Read More

Celebrating the power of curves with Belle Models
Fashion is finally waking up to the power of curves and the fact that plus size women are no longer willing to be sidelined… Read More

Kate Hall from Ethically Kate on sustainable fashion
As awareness of sustainability has risen globally so has Kate’s audience expanded with more people interested in how they can change their habits and adopt more thoughtful practices… Read More

Model and lawyer Lanu Faletau chosen as Obama Foundation Leader
Lanu was born in Tonga and raised in New Zealand and has three degrees: a Bachelor of Arts; majoring in Sociology and minoring in Pacific studies, a Bachelor of Laws and a Master of Laws; specializing in International Law… Read More

Is it OK to mix your skincare?
As a Beauty Editor, I get sent new products to trial all the time and I always wonder what kind of effect mixing all of these products would have on my skin… Read More

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