Summer 09/10 trend: Zips, leather and tassels

summer 09/10, zips, leather and tassels

In a sea of trends at RAFW that were oh so pretty, zippers added edgy detail, leather and studs added toughness and tassels added a little boho-chic. It's about adding small details to an outfit that toughen it up a bit ( like Sara Phillips has done with the studded belt above) and about playing with texture and materials and turning somthing from ordinary into devastating high-fashion!

Camilla and Marc were spot on with their use of zips on body hugging little black dresses – a look you could tell right away will be copied by chain stores far and wide.

Bec and Bridge went all out – leather tassels adorned wrists, waists were cinched with studded cut-out statement leather belts, gold zippers broke up simple black garments that also dripped with gold chains.

Below: Leather wrist tassels and studded, cut-out belts at Bec and Bridge

summer 09/10, zips, leather and tassels
Leather got pretty at Sara Phillips, showing up in pastel coloured,  laser cut designs and also in laced leather minis  – a great way to wear leather for girls who are not into the tough look!

Below: Pretty leather at Sara Phillips

summer 09/10, zips, leather and tassels
Annah Stretton went for the tried and true ironic combo of pretty frilly dresses paired with tough motorcycle leathers. Yes it has been done before, but it is almost a classic these days and such an easy, cool look to pull off.

Below: Biker style leather at Annah Stretton

summer 09/10, zips, leather and tassels



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