Summer 09/10 trend: underwear as outerwear

Underwear as outerwear – almost every designer seems to be doing it in some way, shape or form. This time around it is pared back and simple with clean, modern lines. Bodices, bustiers, body suits – it was all there.

Below: Camilla and Marc

summer 09/10, underwear as outerwear

Below: Sara Phillips

summer 09/10, underwear as outerwear

Sure, many of the bustiers were cropped and are therefore not perfect for ‘real women’ but this is a trend that will translate well into everyday dressing. Bustiers are perfect for holding in and shaping the body and for wearing under sheer garments – and if you have not already, now is the time to invest in some fabulous ‘body-shaping’ garments (FashioNZ loves Jockey's range). Whether you show them off or keep them firmly hidden under your clothes, they are a must-have for the coming season, as it is all about celebrating the body and getting it out there.

Below: Kate Sylvester

summer 09/10, underwear as outerwear

Lingerie detailing was also seen in the lines of garments and swimsuits with many designers focusing on heavy seaming around the bust area.

Below: Sarah Phillips and Zambesi

summer 09/10, underwear as outerwear

It was great to see the bodysuit coming through for another season – adding a bodysuit to an outfit instead of a top is such an easy way to uptrend existing pieces of your wardrobe like jeans, skirts, shorts and high-waisted garments. Also perfect under summer dresses to make them wearable during the colder months!

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