Summer 09/10 trend: body-con

form-fitting clothing

Summer 09/10 trend: Body-Con

At RAFW it was all about garments that embrace and highlight the female figure…

In the past few seasons, the trend has been for less form-fitting clothing – garments that create their own shape, rather than celebrating the shape of the body.

This year however there has been a massive turn and it is all about body-con for Spring/Summer '09/'10.

In full celebration of the female form, at RAFW it was all cinched-in waists, drapery that followed the curves of the body, and lines that skimmed the female form ( like Camilla and Marc above), following the shape rather than concealing it.

Never fear – although it may sound it, this is not a trend that will only work  for skinny girls, and does not require one to start showing large quantities of flesh, or for one to start trussing herself up in tight clothing with curious lumps and bumps sticking out in places they shouldn't.

It's about wearing garments that pay attention to the body – emphasising a small waist by pulling it in, showing off a full bust, wearing clothes with lines that point out the narrowest part of the figure.

Below: Cinched in waists at Sara Phillips and Zimmerman

form-fitting clothing

Yes, the garments may be tighter than what you are used to ( i.e the bandage dress that is making another appearance for summer) but some good body shaping underwear will do wonders.

Below: Noone designs dresses for the female form like Wayne Cooper. Note the line of the coloured panels on the bodice that draws the eye in.

form-fitting clothing

The trick is to figure out what your best features are and then emphasise them. For example, if you have a tiny waist and bigger hips, then tightly belted frocks and skirts that sit high on the waist are your best friend, or if you have a great ass, and toned legs, but a bigger upper body, then a flowing blouse tucked into a tight mini or killer jeans will work a treat!

Below: Smart folds and elegant lines lead the eye around the body at Ginger and Smart and Zimmerman

form-fitting clothing

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