Stylish Stretton family debut new STRETTON label

Sami and Annah Stretton

Fashion designers Sami Stretton (left) and Annah Stretton (right). Images supplied.

Exciting changes at the Stretton Clothing Group sees the opening of a new store in Cambridge this week and a new label called STRETTON. It’s a clever continuation of the family succession plan between fashion designer Annah Stretton and her designer daughter Sami, with STRETTON being the ultimate blend of Annah and Sami Stretton design DNA.

“The new STRETTON label represents the ultimate merger of what mum and I both love to wear,” says Sami. The new label and the new store is another example of the collaborative approach the pair are taking to the leadership of the Stretton Clothing Group. “The timing feels perfect to launch this new collaboration. It brings fresh energy and vitality to the company which is exactly what I wanted to achieve with Sami coming on board” says Annah.

Together they have created a brand-new concept store near the Stretton’s HQ in Cambridge which will debut the new STRETTON label. “There’s such a great vibe happening around Cambridge at the moment with lots of new businesses and new locals looking for a different lifestyle on the scene,” says Annah. “It’s also really exciting to be back in the town where we first started the Annah Stretton brand.”

STRETTON is available online and in the new Cambridge Concept Store which can be found at 66A Victoria Street, Cambridge.

New Stretton collection

Looks from the new STRETTON label.

Images supplied.

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