Stylish Packing Tips

Key Pieces:  A trench or light coat for travelling, a smart day outfit (I usually choose a dress) suitable for exploring and shopping, a well-fitting pair of jeans or trousers, a versatile but  classic shirt or top, a pretty party dress  and a cardigan to keep you warm in the evenings.


Mix and Match: The key is to make your travel wardrobe as mix and match as possible so you have more options.  Choose shapes of garments that complement each other and work well together.  Pick out everything you think you want to take and try on different combinations, it will quickly become clear which pieces are versatile. 


Colours: Pick a colour palette of 5 – 6 colours (including neutrals) that works for you and go from there.  You don’t have to rigidly stick to it, but it will help you co-ordinate your pieces better.  Don’t forget to include prints too.


Lingerie: Make sure you consider your lingerie colours and styles as it’s pointless to pack a strapless dress without a strapless bra for example.  Try your lingerie on with your travel wardrobe to make sure they work together.


Accessories: This is where you can add more colours and sparkle to your holiday wardrobe.  Jewellery doesn’t take up much room so go for some variation and include a few statement pieces to brighten up your looks.  Accessories are the best way to dress up or down your outfit, so take some casual pieces and some glitzy ones.


Fit: Don’t pack anything that doesn’t fit you well.  One of the keys to looking stylish is to wear garments that fit you really well and complement your shape.


Shoes: Include flats that are comfortable and good for walking, a nice pair of heels suitable for dinners and dancing, add either a pair or jandals/thongs or boots too depending on the climate.  Make sure you take shoes that are practical for what you are intending on doing and that work with multiple outfits.  


Fabrics: Consider the fabrics of the garments you’re taking, don’t take anything you know wrinkles easily and you will need to iron (unless of course it’s a favourite piece and you’re prepared to look after it accordingly).  Try and choose natural fabrics where you can such as cotton, silk and wool, as they breathe better which is important for travelling and are nicer on the skin.  

Most importantly, have an amazing time and keep your eye out for any pretty new fashion finds!
– Evelyn Ebrey 


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