Styling tips for your body shape with Lulu

Often times garments on high fashion models off the runway are designed for the straight, ruler-like body shape so, it is important to know HOW to dress for your personal shape, and to choose the right details that will compliment and accentuate your figure.


Simple tips for every shape
Experiment with colour blocking – everyone knows that black is the simplest way to slim down your silhouette, but this season’s colour blocking trend is the new way to transform your body. Use a bold colour to draw attention away from a problem area or to optically add extra inches where you need them.

As a general fashion rule wear dark colours where you want to shrink and lighter shades on those areas of the body that you want to maximise.
The right underwear is the first step towards the body of your dreams.

If you have a CLASSIC figure
If you are a classic Pear, avoid side pockets on pants and opt for flat front trousers.


Belting up on dresses, coats, skirts highly defines your small waist.

For those who fall into the Apple or Hourglass zone, picking the right garments CAN be simple, as long as you stick with safe favorites.

Mid-length to long skirts will balance out proportions for Apples, and wear shoes with a bit of height and heel to emphasize your shapely calves and ankles.


Being an Hourglass means you can don plenty of V-necked tops to show off an impressive bust and fab cleavage. Such tops are far more flattering than flouncy collars and frumpy high necklines.

Pencil skirts will hug your curves in all the right places.

Tips for the STRAIGHT physique
Even though these body shapes are highly coveted by women, it is still vital to know what works for you and what doesn’t.

Being very tall with lithe, long limbs, a statuesque build can look even more divine with gathering and pleating on shirts as well as wearing chiffon and flowy fabrics to add a touch of femininity to your shape.

Helen Cherry

Your slim, athletic frame is calling out for some skinny jeans that will really show off those long legs. Also opt for flowing, trapeze drapery to maximise your ability to don loose yet feminine silhouettes.

Having a larger lower half can work to your advantage. If you go for what suits your shape, nothing is impossible.

Think broader shoulders, jackets with padding to channel that modernized 80’s effect and balance out proportions.


Don’t hide those thighs, utilize them! Vertically patterned bottom half pieces will slim the appearance of your legs. Go for a large, chunky heel to give a boost which in turn elongates those beautiful pins.

– Lulu Wilcox
[email protected]

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