Style File: Leanne Greaves from Liann Bellis

Designer Leanne Greaves from Liann Bellis in her workroom.

Leanne Greaves created her contemporary womenswear label Liann Bellis in 2010, after she returned home from travelling and wanted to utilise her design skills. Leanne previously worked in costume design for television productions and brings her sharp eye for tailoring and love of sophisticated clothing to her own label which is stocked throughout New Zealand.

We caught up with Leanne to find out more about her brand, what inspires her and what you would never catch her wearing!

Tell us about your latest collection The Patriot?
I was just so proud of our All Blacks winning the World Cup and all the other sportsmen and women that little old New Zealand produces on the grand scheme of things. You could say I was feeling very patriotic. As a rule I am not a sports fanatic; I much prefer the creative side of life.

What made you become a designer?
I have been designing and creating things all my life.  I was finally allowed to use the sewing machine by aged nine and away I went. I don’t think there has not been a time in my life that I haven’t been creating something or another. I paint as well as design. I love the creative process and I am always driven to do the next thing.

What inspires you?
Just about anything and everything. But it all must work together in harmony.

Looks from Liann Bellis’ The Patriot collection.

Describe your personal style and how it influences your products and brand?
I love a mix of feminine and masculine. I like the clean lines of tailoring in masculine clothing and the soft drape of feminine clothing. I like to think outside the square and add my personality to a garment. This is achieved by attention to the smallest detail in the design, fabric and the cut of the garment.

What is your all-time favourite purchase?
My husband bought me a long rabbit fur coat in Berlin. We saw this in the window of a department store. It was the only one of its kind. The fur skins are a by-product. The fur is on the inside and it just makes me feel like I am very spoilt.

What wardrobe item should every woman invest in?
Being that it is winter; every woman should have a great coat. As it does not matter what you have on underneath. You will always look well dressed.

Do you have a style rule you always obey?
It is important to buy once and buy right in the first place. Once you do this the less is more rule always works best. If you do this your personality is complemented by your clothing.

Looks from Liann Bellis’ The Patriot collection.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
I am not one to seek attention and I am a very in the moment person. So what I am doing now is always the highlight.

What can’t you live without?
My large collection of shoes.

Finish this sentence – You would never catch me wearing… 
Very short shorts.

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