Style File: Emily Pearce from EMBR Jewellery

Style File Emily Pearce from EMBR Jewellery

Designer Emily Pearce from EMBR Jewellery.

Emily Pearce is the designer of EMBR Jewellery which she founded in 2016 and each sculptural piece is created by hand in her Mt Eden Studio. Emily debuted her brand at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017 where her contemporary jewellery caught our eye for all the right reasons in the Accessories Show. Her brand’s limited edition pieces are all made to order with the designer utilising precious metals like recycled sterling silver to create her modern designs.

We caught up with Emily to find out more about her brand, what inspires her and what you would never catch her wearing!

Tell us about your latest collection?
This collection has been heavily inspired by a body of water, particularly the movement of the ocean, and the shapes, contours, and impressions this can create.

I also have a selection of new, limited edition pieces which are an extension of the Tidal collection. They incorporate a number of unique stones, no two are the same I have started incorporating pearls, turquoise, and jasper into select pieces.

My design style is minimal, clean and elegant. Incorporating geometric forms, contrasting elements, like texture and finishing, and asymmetry because I love something a little unexpected. My work is usually substantial in look and feel. That is not to say heavy or clunky. It is often a matter of the right proportion. The slightest difference in thickness of line can change something from feeling weighty and luxurious to too heavy.

What made you become a designer?
It is something that I have always done. I wanted to work for myself, doing something creative, and to not be restricted by anyone elses expectations.

Style File Emily Pearce from EMBR Jewellery

EMBR Jewellery pieces at NZFW 2017.

What inspires you?
The environment and all of the interesting shapes and forms that occur and people, other artists or people I meet and admire.

Describe your personal style and how it influences your designs?
I feel like my style is always changing but I like to keep a pretty neutral palette which makes it easy to mix and match things in a hurry.

What is your all-⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠time favourite purchase?
A bright red dress from Turet Knuefermann that I wore to a special event. I don’t think I have ever worn red before so it is completely out of my comfort zone but something about it just makes me feel so good every time I put it on.

What wardrobe item should everyone invest in?
A well tailored jacket that will last you for years and gives you a lift when thrown over any outfit.

Style File Emily Pearce from EMBR Jewellery

EMBR Jewellery pieces.

Do you have a style rule you always obey?
I don’t follow any rules I think everyone should just wear what makes you feel good.

What has been the highlight of your career so far?
Showcasing in New Zealand Fashion Week in August this year. Such a cool experience that made me really feel really excited about things to come.

What can’t you live without?
My husband, he’s such a rock in my life and is constantly helping me through.

Finish this sentence – You would never catch me wearing…
Never say never…

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