Style Dr Jackie What to Wear to Fashion Week

Should you wear NZ designers? 
New Zealand fashion week is a showcase for our industry and I personally think it’s lovely to show your support by wearing local designers.

That said, fashion week is a fab opportunity to dress up, so if you’ve got a bit of international glam in your wardrobe that’s perfectly acceptable too.

I like to mix it up a bit.

If you’ve been invited to a show, should you wear that designer’s clothes?
This is really flattering for the designer who has invited you, and every year you can spot the Trelise Cooper invitees amongst the fashion crowd but no, you don’t have to wear that designer’s clothing to their show.

Photography c/- Hilary Johnston, Trelise Cooper NZFW 2010

What about a Designer Selection Show – should I try to wear something from a few of the designers?
You could, and if you can create an outfit that uses garments from different labels, go for it. The key is to wear clothing that both looks good and that you feel good in, rather than wearing something because you feel you should. Looking uncomfortable is never stylish.

Do you need to wear current season?
Not necessarily, truly stylish people can mix their chain store with their high-end labels, vintage with new – it’s all about the look and nothing to do with when a garment hit the stores.

Do you really need to get dressed up – even for public shows?
Yes. You really do want to make an effort. Fashion week is one week where what you see off the catwalk is equally as interesting as what you see on it.

Is it true that if you wear coloured shoes you won’t get seated in the front row?
You get seated in the front row if you are important to the industry or the designer.

If you’re lucky enough to get given a front row seat after the intended bum hasn’t turned up, look fierce and don’t worry about your shoe colour!

What about fashion weekend – dress up or no?
That depends; if your main aim is to score a bargain at the Designer Garage Sale your key objective is probably clothing you can slip off easily or layer something over.

If you’re heading down to fashion weekend to party, then nonchalant party glam is where you want to head.

Photography c/- Hilary Johnston, WORLD NZFW 2010

The most important thing to remember with Fashion Week is that you are there to celebrate our fabulous fashion industry and all that entails; great designers, awesome accessories, beautiful garments and wonderful shows.

Yes, make the most of your chance to get your glam on and enjoy the people watching (there’s never a better time) but among all of the buzz, remember to relax and have fun – it’s one week a year, and it flies by!

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