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I’m getting married in February, but not one for a traditional affair, I am on the hunt for a wonderfully stylish gown that is not white, is not a classic bridal dress and celebrates colour and modernity. Where would be a good place to look? Kirrily

Hi Kirrily,
Not sure where you live but have you thought of going vintage? There’s some fabulous options out there, although much of vintage fashion is tiny (yes, we obviously are getting bigger). Alternatively, you should be able to find something beautiful in any occasion-wear store, or as summer is all about the maxi, perhaps you could choose a specially detailed and embellished one of these? Getting something made is a great option too: you can pick a gown out of a magazine, choose your fabric and away you go. Most fabric stores have a list of great dressmakers too.


Hi, can you recommend good shops to buy clothes that are designed for the hour glass figure. Thanks! Coral
Hi Coral,
Cue seems to work the hourglass silhouette really well, but in all honesty most stores will have options for you. Simply make sure you define your waist with either tailored or belted designs and go for it! Your body shape shouldn’t really determine where you shop, just how you wear what you buy.


Hi Jackie What length should guys denim shorts be this season and should they be baggy or more fitted?

Hi Wendy,
The man’s denim short this year is definitely slim and worn above the knee. Is Santa going to be giving your man a pair this summer?


Hi there, where can I have my colours done? What is the cost and do you receive a colour swatch to take away for my next shopping expedition. Many thanks!

Hi Rochelle,
Getting your colours done is a fantastic thing to do the information is incredibly valuable and lasts forever. We’d love to do your colours at Signature Style but if you aren’t in Auckland, check the internet for Image Consultants or Personal Stylists and take a look at their menu of services. Not all Personal Stylists do Colour Analysis (goodness knows how they manage to choose the right garments for their clients), so take a look to see. Prices vary but you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 – $280 and yes, you should most definitely get a swatch and you want a fabric one, rather than a painted card one.

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