Style Doctor – Spring Clean your Wardrobe

While yes, this is a great time to get yourself a bargain that you can wear for several months yet, or to finally replace that winter coat to see you through the next few years it’s also a great time to clear out the clutter in your wardrobe to make way for your summer clothing.

Although often thought of as a ‘new season’ task or dare I say it part of your ‘Spring Cleaning’ regime (does anyone still do that?), clearing out your wardrobe mid-season works really well. This is because you will now definitely have a handle on what you are going to wear through the next two months of winter and you’ll also know what you most definitely won’t. There’s the weather factor too, because de-cluttering is a brilliant rainy day activity!

This mission is all about getting rid of the stuff that is simply taking up space and preventing you from seeing what’s really in your closet. For this task you only need a rubbish bag (or two).
Take a look through those winter items you’ve so far not worn this season and ask yourself why you haven’t – are they worn, are they not warm enough, are they not comfortable, are they no longer in style or are you simply tired of them? If they’re too worn to wear – into the rubbish bag, if they are for very cold days or a warmer day you need to make a call as to whether or not you can see yourself wearing them this season? If yes – back they go, if not – sell, donate or ditch. As for garments that are no longer in style – again you need to donate or sell. If you are tired of a particular garment then make a call; is it special enough to be stored for next winter or is it time to remove it? You need to note the use of the word ‘special’ here; don’t bother storing boring or uninteresting pieces as you’ll be as uninspired to wear them next winter as you are now!

If you’re like me, it’s about this time in winter when I seem to have a mounting pile of tights. Sort through these with an eye on detail: snagged? Holey or laddered? Pairs that you can only wear in your boots? What about the pair that are simply too short and you spend the day pulling them up? Go through the pile ruthlessly and get rid of any that aren’t up to scratch.

Take a look in the underwear drawer and apply those principles to your knickers and bras. Too old? Worn out? Lost their shape or colour? Out they go. Bras definitely have a shelf life – experts will tell you to replace a bra every 6-8 months.
Shoes and boots require a bit of sorting out too. Again apply the same principles. Dated? Worn out? Out they go.

The reward you get from doing this admittedly rather onerous task is knowing that your wardrobe is only housing stuff you really like and wear, and seeing a little more space in which you can start to put some new seasons purchases.

If you’d like a helping hand to see what’s worth hanging on to and what really needs to go, give us a call at Signature Style – we’re experts who can really cut through the clutter and get the job done. More information or call us on 09 630 5115.

Article by Jackie O’Fee

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