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Richard Moore

Having recently come back from a great trip through the stores of a very chilly Paris and London, it’s been quite difficult to get back into the swing of summer. Not that I don’t love summer and all that entails, but like money burning a hole in my pocket, I’ve got seven pairs of boots and sixteen dresses hanging in my wardrobe that are crying out to be worn! I’ve never wished for summer to finish and winter to arrive before and I am aware that when winter does come, I’ll crave its ending for months before its icy fingers depart. All of that aside – I am really looking forward to rocking out my new Vivienne Westwood dress!

It may be warm now but nothing is more certain than that winter will make its presence felt soon enough. Already the stores are stocking their winter collections, with only the scant remains of summer garments forlornly hanging on the sale racks. When it’s so warm it makes it a tough time to hit the shops but the most fashion savvy of us are out there getting it all sorted. Most women, however, prefer to wait to see what else will come into store before buying – often with good reason. After all, who among us hasn’t regretted a purchase when seeing a similar but more lust-worthy item on the racks only a few weeks later?

Before you even consider doing the winter clothing hunt, you want to know what is happening. You need to first research what garments are coming through, how they are being styled (to see how you can re-work your previously bought garments), what else you will need to make that particular look your own, who stocks your favourites and when they are due

to arrive. Late summer is the time to be studying magazines and checking out designers’ winter ‘look-books’ online: is an excellent resource for this it is all right here on the site.

Silverdale by Andrea Moore
Kingan Jones

Armed with that information you’ll be able to work out when is the perfect time to strike. It is true that you need to get in early for any limited edition pieces however you need to LOVE your early purchases to avoid a bout of buyers’ remorse. Building relationships with great sales assistants is an excellent, if slightly sneaky idea as it may mean you get the phone call that a certain lust-worthy item is about to hit the shop floor, before it actually does.

Boots sell quickly, so check with your favourite shoe store to see what else may be coming through before making a commitment that you may regret. Boots are also a higher value item, so many of your more canny girlfriends may have popped their favourite pair on lay-by, leaving only a few styles to pick from later. Being generally more expensive means that coats fit into this category also, with winter coats being a late summer/early autumn buy for many – well before it gets anywhere near cold enough to even consider wearing one.


Although all of the stores will most definitely have their early winter stock in, they will continue to have “drops” of new garments throughout the season. For the chains, it’s full fashion “stories” as often as every week, while the boutiques will supplement their collections only slightly less regularly. With that in mind, it is a good idea to sketch out the “bare essentials” of your winter wardrobe and source those garments now, knowing that you’ll be able to freshen up your wardrobe with a few strategic subsequent purchases.

Looking great every season is really about taking a bit of time to plan your look rather than throwing things together on the fly and now is the time to make that plan. It’s certainly a great time to use the longer daylight hours clearing some space in your wardrobe!

If you’d like a hand creating your perfect Winter Wardrobe this season, why not give Signature Style a call on 630 5115? We’re experts who love helping our clients look and feel fantastic – Make sure you look great this coming season.

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