Style advice from Angela Stone

Here at FashioNZ we often get readers asking for styling advice, so we thought we’d ask the style expert, Angela Stone.


Not only is Angela a professional stylist, she is also an author and clothing designer as well.


Angela is going to be answering your questions each month, so please email us at [email protected] with any style dilemmas you’re facing!


Q – I’m on a tight budget so I don’t go shopping that often. Everyone tells me to buy investment pieces that will last many seasons, what are the key items you think are the best to ‘Invest’ in? 


If you are on a budget it is important to invest in versatile garments that can be mixed and matched with a range of other pieces.


Before you focus on which clothes to buy you will need to choose under garments. Singlets and underwear that slim and shape your body will create a flattering silhouette. My essential wardrobe pieces would have to be a sophisticated pair of jeans, a tailored jacket, a stylish dress and a gorgeous coat.


Purchase a selection of tops that you can wear with chic black pants.


Q – It is so good to see so many colours around this season, but I seem to always end up buying and wearing black and grey. I want to wear colour but I don’t want it head to toe, what is the easiest way to introduce some colour into my look? 


First things first, you will need to make sure you are introducing the correct colours for you! I suggest you get a colour consultation done as it is guaranteed to help improve your current image!  Try to incorporate an eye-catching tangerine garment into your summer wardrobe. The easiest way to incorporate colour is with accessories.


Q – I carry my bulk in the top region of my body as I have skinny legs (probably best described as an egg on toothpicks) what is the best type of dressing for me to balance out my overall shape? 


It sounds like your body type could be what we call the O shape. Balance your gorgeous figure with tops that are fitted across the bust. Patterned tunics with an asymmetrical shape and tops with ruching are also extremely flattering. Make sure your tops are not too baggy.


Q – I have a small waist, with quite a long body with short legs. I find that dresses are a great way for my shape as they hide my waist, but I find it really hard with bottoms such as pants and skirts. How can I wear bottoms to create even proportions?


You can add length to your legs with a smart pair of heels and a beautiful midi skirt. Stay away from ¾ pants, as this style will only make your legs appear shorter.


Q – I’ve just had a baby and nothing fits. What are the best items for me to invest in to see me through this transition period that won’t break the bank? 


While you are in the process of getting back to your pre baby weight, you should wear undergarments that support your shape. High waisted, yoga and harem pants will do the trick.


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