Get spooky with LUSH’s Halloween collection

Lush Halloween Collection 2017

Halloween products from LUSH. Images supplied.

LUSH excel at creative collections that are a treat for the eyes, senses and body with their Halloween collection full of a wonderful mix of new and favourite products. LUSH are committed to reducing their waste as a brand and helping consumers reduce their waste too with 70% of their new Halloween products being packaging free.

They’ve cleverly concocted new formulas for some of their products like their lip scrubs and tints so that they can be in a solid form and not require packaging. It’s smart thinking and means they have removed most of the water content from the product formulas which makes them self-preserving. The packaging that’s used for the products that do require it is made from recycled and recyclable materials.

This year LUSH’s Halloween collection comprises of lots of fun products with fizzy bath bombs in delicious on-theme scents like pumpkin as well as the amusing Ecto Plasm which is a gooey delight. Sparkly bubble bars will leave your skin with a shimmery hue while the cuteness of the Bewitched black cat is sure to be a hit with the kids. LUSH also have charming soap, shower cream as well as their new solid lip tint and lip scrub in a beautiful black rose scent. Halloween is hellishly fun with LUSH.

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