Six Cozy Winter Coats

Glassons Hooded Winter Duffle Coat $79.99 (left) & Max Longline Coat $259.99 (right) 


The chilly weather has definitely arrived which has us wanting to start dressing more warmly and a coat is definitely an essential piece for keeping warm for winter. We've found six cozy winter coats that are great options if you need a new coat going into the cooler months.


Glassons always deliver winter essentials for an affordable price and we think their Hooded Winter Duffle Coat is a simple but stylish coat to add into your winter wardrobe. The hood makes it all the more practical and it's just the right length to keep your hips warm too.  


Camel coats are always elegant and make a nice change from black that is defnitely everywhere in winter. Max have got a Longline Coat with wide lapels and a waist tie that is a chic offering for winter at a good price. 


Twenty-seven Names Portrait Coat $720 (left) & Sabatini Three Tier Coat $683 (right)


Twenty-seven Names have embraced peach for winter which is the perfect way to brighten up days when the weather is a bit dreary. Their Portrait Coat is a relaxed and practical style in 100% Italian wool so you will be super snug in it. If peach isn't your colour it's also available in navy and black too.


If you're looking for a sleek coat that's a bit different, Sabatini's Three Tier Coat is a wonderful choice with its layers of grey and deep neckline. This coat is 100% merino wool which makes it one of the warmest offerings we could find.  


Kimberleys Tried and True Coat $299.90 (left) and Taylor The Fundamental Coat $637 (right)


Kimberleys apltly named Tried and True Coat is a classic style with a hood that will appeal to a range of ages. We love the great polka dot print which is a fun alternative to a plain coat and the navy and grey tones mean it will work with many wardrobe items. 


Always unique, Taylor have created The Fundamental Coat which we're partial to in the shine variation. The roomy cocoon silhouette makes it easy to wear whatever you like underneath and we love the metallic finish and wide-set hood. 


Images from each brand's website.

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