Six beauty trends from NZFW 2019

The glitter has settled once again after yet another glamorous year of fashion on the runway. Just like last year, I was backstage in amongst the chaos taking note of the biggest and most beautiful beauty trends this year. There were some notable trends that made a comeback after gracing the runways last year but we also saw some beauty new trends that no doubt will be big for summer. From textured hair to twisted knots, glossy lips and pigmented eye pops, here are the top six beauty trends for New Zealand Fashion Week 2019.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

Wetlook hair by Redken for ARITAUA NZFW 2019. Image by James Yang Photography.

Wetlook and Sleek Hair
This trend graced the runways again this year after making big appearances on the runways of NZFW in 2018. Designers like ARITAUA, Ivory + Stone and Not For You opted for sexy, slicked back looks. With ARITAUA, the hair was slicked back with smashed gold embellishments scattered around the crown for a “broken glass” look. Where Ivory + Stone and Not For You featured slicked back centre parts and high sheen ponytails.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

Braided top knot look by Redken for Adhala Lenzo NZFW 2019. Image by Getty Images.

Twisted Knots
The braided or twisted top knot was a big trend this year. Designers like Sophie Joy, Olli, Rhemy, Fumoso and Adhala Lenzo all featured variations of the twisted knot on their models. Sophie Joy and Olli had models sporting elegant braided buns which sat at the nape of the neck. Adhala Lenzo had a tribal element in their hair looks a modern take on the Zulu knot and Rhemy and Fumoso had French chic knotted buns.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

Textured hair look for Miromoda NZFW 2019. Image by Getty Images.

Textured Hair
Probably one of the biggest trends this year was textured hair. Designers like Havilah and the Miromoda designers saw their models wearing different variations of very textured hair. Havilah had a textured look to suit each of the model’s natural hair with a side part and a flip of the hair to unify the models. The Miromoda models all had textured hair but each sported a different hairstyle dependant on their full look and time restraints. Some of the models had big, textured up-do’s where others had naturally wavy locks.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

“Real” skin look for Campbell Luke NZFW 2019. Image by James Yang Photography.

“Real” Skin
Another trend that has made a comeback after being huge on the runways last year. The “no makeup” makeup look has been around for a while now and it seems that the designers are still loving showing their models natural, beautiful skin off. The look consists of minimal foundation, with spot coverage and this year some of the models had embellished freckles such as the models for Campbell Luke.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

Pigmented colour pop look at Jojo Ross NZFW 2019. Image by Getty Images.

Pigmented Eye Pops
Nude eyes were big this year but there were also lots of pops of colour happening backstage. Designers like Jacqueline Anne Couture, Jojo Ross and Starving Artists Fund all had their models eyes popping with pigmented colour. Jojo Ross had purple, blue and yellow pops of colour around the eyes for an 80’s inspired look. Jacqueline Anne Couture models had winged liner along the top lash line with pops of green, purple, pink and blue along the eyelid and the Starving Artists Fund models had a beautiful glossy, pink and orange look around the eyes and cheekbones with pigmented silver lines under and over the eyelid.

NZFW 2019 Beauty trends

Glossy lips at Miromoda NZFW 2019. Image by Getty Images.

Glossy Lips
It seems matte has taken a backseat with glossy lips making a huge comeback. This look is simple, classic and effortless. Lots of the models at shows such as Hailwood, Rhind and Miromoda wore nude glossy lips, where others saw pops of peachy or pink tones underneath.

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