Silk&Steel’s Stellar Winter Releases

Jewellery from Silk&Steel’s new Anther collection. Images supplied.

The new season brings with it two stunning new collections from jewellery brand Silk&Steel, the first is their elegant new Anther collection. The range features beautiful pieces that are designed to be stacked together or worn on their own depending on what the wearer desires as is the brand’s signature style.

Anther is the name of the part of a flower’s stamen that contains pollen, and the pollen is at the heart of the flower, so this collection takes its inspiration from the delicacy and beauty of flowers as seen in the gorgeous campaign imagery. Featuring Aki from The Sleek Avenue blog and shot by CJ from Alter Ego these striking images bring the winsome new jewellery to life.

This new range includes rings sets, fine bracelets and necklaces, hoop earrings and faceted studs that are handmade in sterling silver and 18kt gold plated sterling silver. The pieces also feature beautiful gemstones of Green Tourmaline, Amethyst and Black Spinel as well as Silk&Steel’s signature anther spike making for truly covetable jewellery.

Jewellery from Silk&Steel’s new Anther collection.

This season Silk&Steel has also collaborated with STORM on an exclusive capsule collection that is part of STORM’s Autumn/Winter 17 collection called Fatal Crush. The outcome is a luxe range of jewellery that can be built upon to create a dramatic look or a more subtle one depending on what the wearer wants.

The collection was inspired by a bespoke necklace that Silk&Steel designer Sarah Cotterall created for singer Ellie Goulding that also caught the eye of STORM’s creative director, Deborah Caldwell. “The bespoke necklace I made for Ellie was designed to reflect her edgy-luxe style. We’ve since received great feedback and huge interest in this piece –and Deb from Storm absolutely loved it!” enthuses Sarah Cotterall. “STORM’s Fatal Crush collection is the perfect combination of moody and edgy vibes with silver and gold tones, which works so well with Silk&Steel’s design juxtaposition of spikes, silver chains and black ostrich feathers.”

The five piece capsule collection is exclusive to STORM and is available now with prices from $79 – $229.

Jewellery from Silk&Steel and STORM’s new capsule collection.


Images supplied.

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