Silk&Steel’s gorgeous Sweet Venom collection

Silk&Steel Sweet Venom Collection

Jewellery from Silk&Steel’s new Sweet Venom collection. Images supplied.

Silk&Steel‘s gorgeous new jewellery collection called Sweet Venom launches on July 1st and it’s inspired by a beautiful antique ring from the 1920s. The range takes vintage design and gives it a modern avant-garde twist featuring a clever circular snake motif that runs through the collection.

“The snake, one of the earliest culturally diverse mythological symbols in jewellery, carries so much meaning,” says designer Sarah Cotterall of Silk&Steel. “From everlasting love and wisdom to transformation, strength and eternity –this symbolic motif is timeless, which is reflected throughout this collection.”

A key piece of Sweet Venom is the beautiful oversized Reawakening ring that features a black onyx cabochon in an art deco setting with a luxurious snake shank. The designer used Black onyx as it is a protection stone that transforms negative energy and is said to emotionally support the wearer and promote positive strength.

Other pieces in the range include the Infinity earrings, rings and necklace with fine snake detail that catches the eye. Each piece is ethically hand made by artisans and is cast in sterling silver then plated in rhodium and 18 karat gold. The result is elegant jewellery that can be worn altogether for a statement look or with other Silk&Steel pieces in the wearer’s jewellery collection.

Silk&Steel Sweet Venom Collection

Silk&Steel Sweet Venom Collection

Images supplied.

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