Seven simple skincare tips for men

Seven simple skincare tips for men

We’ve put together seven simple skincare tips for men. Image by Adobe stock.

When it comes to morning routines, women tend to pay more attention to the finer details in self-care and men on the other hand, usually like to keep it simple. But self-care and looking after your skin doesn’t need to include a 10-step skincare routine and an hour of your time in the mornings, looking after your skin can be simplified into smaller, simple steps.

So this one is for the men out there, whether you are reading this yourself or you are reading this on behalf of that special man in your life – here are seven simple skincare tips to make looking after your skin just that bit easier.

Ditch the soap for cleanser
It is a common misconception that anything that lathers cleans – that is not completely true. When it comes to cleaning your face, you need to stay away from soaps as they are usually made from fats, oils and fatty acids. Cleansers contain ingredients that are designed to clean your skin and a good cleanser will not strip any of the essential oils in your skin, which is what soap can do – leaving your skin looking dry and flaky. Soap for the hands, cleanser for the face.

Start using moisturiser
After washing your face, use a moisturiser to lock in the moisture and hydrate dry skin. This can help with dry, flaking skin and make the skin appear more hydrated and plump.

Soften your stubble
Razor burn is common for men – they are inflamed hair follicles and look like little red bumps after shaving. A simple way to remedy this is to either shave in the shower or directly after. The warm water from the shower softens the stubble, making it more pliable and easier to shave. Adding a mild shaving cream will also to help prevent friction on the skin from the razor. Try to avoid products with alcohol in them as they will also irritate the skin.

Choose single or double blade razors
Multi-blade razors are usually marketed to be the “best” razors, but in fact, they can cause ingrown hairs and razor burn due to the blades shaving so close to the skin. To avoid any nasty reactions from shaving, stick to two blade razors, avoid pulling the skin taught and shave with the grain of the hair, rather than against it.

Put down the aftershave
Aftershave was invented long ago, in the days where there were only straight razors. Straight razors are notorious for causing nicks, which in turn can breed bacteria and cause infection, so after shave was a way to prevent that from happening. Now that there are many other razor options, aftershave containing alcohol is redundant. You should avoid putting alcohol on your skin all together. 

Pick these ingredients for younger looking skin
If you are concerned about the likes of crows feet or frown lines, try choosing products with ingredients such as Retinol – Retinol should only be used at night as it makes your skin sensitive to the sun. Retinol is also known as Vitamin A and will help to induce skin cell turnover, helping to bring healthier and younger skin cells to the surface. Another great ingredient is Glycolic Acid – this ingredient is a chemical exfoliant so it will also help to encourage skin cell turnover and slough away any dead skin cells. Glycolic Acid will also work to help remove pigmentation, which are dark spots on the skins surface. Just make sure that you use a good SPF when using these ingredients as they both make your skin sensitive to the sunlight.

Protect your mug from the sun
Our final tip is to always wear an SPF, every single day, even when it’s cloudy or rainy and even if you are indoors. UVA rays penetrate deep into the layers of our skin, causing damage and UVA can also penetrate clouds and windows, so even if you are indoors you are still at risk of getting sun damage to your skin. Sun damage can cause premature skin ageing and skin cancers, so it is vital to wear sunscreen every day, especially if you work outdoors.

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