Seven essential beauty items for your beach bag

Spending your summer holidays at the beach or by the pool is a popular activity among sun-seekers, but sometimes the excitement of heading out for a beach day can overthrow your capacity to think about what you actually need to pack, rather than what you want to pack. Protecting your body from the sun is so important when you are spending time outside, so we have put together a list of seven essential beauty items for your beach bag – so you can enjoy your summer holidays without turning yourself into a human bbq.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

A facial sunscreen

A facial sunscreen is an absolute must for the beach – and for everyday use for that matter. They are designed to put safely on your face, without any harsh or nasty chemicals (if you’ve chosen the right brand) and our top pick for a facial sunscreen is the Mecca Cosmetica To Save Face SPF50+ Superscreen Oxybenzone Free Formula. This super sunscreen is free from animal products, alcohol and sulphates and has been designed for makeup wearers in mind. It’s kind of like a tinted moisturiser and doesn’t leave a white-cast on your skin.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

A reef-safe and skin-safe body sunscreen

Along with a facial sunscreen, an all-over body sunscreen is also a must for the beach. But it is important to pick the right sunscreen, one that is both skin-safe and reef-safe. Our top pick is the Bondi Sands Sport SPF 50 sunscreen. This sunscreen is reef-safe and has both UVA and UVB protection, as well as being 4-hour water-resistant. Perfect if you are spending time in the water – just don’t forget to top up your block after a dip.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

A refreshing facial spray

On super hot days at the beach, a refreshing facial spray will do wonders for hydrating your face and cooling you down. We love the Avene Thermal Spring Water Spray. This product really is a miracle product, with a multitude of uses such as being able to cool down sunburn and refresh dehydrated and irritated skin. This product is not only a must-have for your beach bag but also a must-have for your travel bag and your handbag.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

A hair protectant

Not only is it important to protect your hair from the sun and water but also your hair. This product from Phillip Kingsley, called Swimcap Water Resistant Mask, promises to protect your hair from both salt and chlorinated water, as well as UV protection from the sun.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

An SPF lip balm

Making sure you have an SPF lip balm is also a must for the beach to protect your pout while in the sun. We are loving the MECCA Cosmetica Tinted Lip De-Luscious SPF25 Lip Balm. This subtly tinted lip balm will give you a hint of colour as well as protection from the sun.

Best natural deodorant

A skin-safe deodorant

No one wants to smell while sweating on the beach, so packing a deodorant is an absolute must – but choosing a deodorant that is safe for your skin, while also giving you enough protection can be a bit tricky. We recently put together an article about our favourite natural deodorants, so you can pick out your favourite from the list.

 Beauty beach bag essentials

A reusable water bottle

Our final pick doesn’t necessarily fall into the beauty category but is crucial for keeping you hydrated while on the beach. A reusable water bottle is an invaluable tool for the beach to prevent you from getting nasty heatstroke, so you can append more time on the beach this summer. We are loving this cute glass reusable bottle from Smash.

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