Seven common dreams and what they mean

Seven common dreams and there meaning

Dreams can be confusing but we’ve done some research into what they can mean. Image via Adobe Stock.

Have you ever dreamt that you are pregnant, or being chased or that your teeth are falling out? Quite often dreams can be so vivid, that when we wake they leave a lasting impact on us, leaving us often wondering what they mean? Dreams are our subconscious thoughts – often they are a continuation of your day or week or a specific time in your life. While we sleep our brains conjure up around five dreams per night, unpacking our subconscious thoughts and worries, which helps us to process emotions.

We should try not to take dreams at face value, instead, we need to understand their symbolic meanings, as each dream is unique to you, your life and your experiences. Let’s take a look at seven of the most common dreams and unpack what they might mean – some of them might surprise you. 

You’re running late
This dream is pretty self-explanatory – if you work in a field of work that requires deadlines. But if not, factoring in a timeline for something more subconscious might be at play, such as wanting to lose weight or reach a specific career or life goal by a certain time or date.

You’re pregnant
Don’t worry, this isn’t usually a literal dream. Most of the time, dreaming you are pregnant can have a more reflective meaning – such as there is something growing or developing inside of you, more like self-growth. Or it could mean there is a new idea forming inside of you or a new relationship or job opportunity may be on the horizons for you.

You’re falling from a cliff
Frightening dreams like this can often feel so real and are generally a reflection of feeling out of control or overwhelmed in your waking life. Dreams of falling a very common but don’t always mean the same thing for every person. Often a dream of falling can be associated with trauma, such as an accident or a more metaphorical feeling of falling like you are “falling from grace.”

You’ve lost your voice, unable to speak or shout
This dream can often be associated with sleep paralysis. This is a condition where people will wake before the REM (rapid eye movement) cycle is over. What happens in REM sleep is your body becomes physiologically paralysed, to stop you from moving while you are dreaming. People who experience sleep paralysis will either wake before the REM cycle is complete or as they are drifting off into a REM cycle, sometimes rendering them unable to move, talk, or in some cases, breathe. Thankfully this passes.

Your partner cheated on you
It is important to remember that dreams are not prophecies. Usually, this dream will crop up if you’ve had infidelity in your past that you are still feeling insecure about. It can also mean that there might be something else that is taking time away from you, such as a baby, new job, or time with friends – meaning you can feel cheated out of attention from your partner.

You’re being chased
Sometimes if you are being chased by a fictional character such as a monster, it can mean that the monster is a manifestation of an indiscretion, a debt or an addiction. If you are being chased by a person you know, your associations with the person in question might help you to understand why they are chasing you rather than the actual person themselves. People in dreams can also be substitutions for other people or substitutes for aspects of ourselves – not to make it confusing or anything!

Your teeth are falling out
Teeth falling out in a dream can be a manifestation of pent up anxiety. We might think of this as being a concern as to how we have the ability to “take a bite” out of the world – if we have enough courage, strength etc… This dream can also be associated with times of change or transition.

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