Say hello to the new range of Winter bath oils from LUSH

LUSH Bath Oils

LUSH have just released a new range of winter bath oils. Image supplied.

Winter time is great for many things—curling up by the fire, layering winter fashion, all-day crock pot soups and long, luxurious baths, so we were pretty excited to discover LUSH’s new range of winter bath oils. Step aside big, fizzy bath bombs and make way for a subtler approach to bath time. This range of products is made from 100% Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter, with water and oil soluble colours to ripple through your bath.

These small but mighty bath oils slowly release a moisturising body milk, infused with beautiful fragrances and ingredients to absorb into your body, with a selection of “melty ones,” turning your bath into a fragrant milk, “glitzy ones,” turning your bath into a shimmering pool and “fizzy ones,” fizzing through your bath as they release colour, moisture and fragrance. Our favourite so far has got to be the Furze bath oil, with dried elderflowers and neroli oil swirls, gardenia extract and organic jojoba oil—this beauty leaves your skin feeling super moisturised and smelling like an English meadow and we can’t wait to try the rest of this luscious range.

LUSH bath oils

Images supplied.

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