Savar’s Sublime Natural Travel Minis

Savar travel minis. Image writer’s own

Savar‘s beautiful luxury skincare products are proudly made in New Zealand and full of premium natural extracts and oils to benefit your skin and hair. Recently they introduced Savar travel minis pack which contains 4 x 50ml individually formulated premium products including Energising Body Wash, Nourishing Body Lotion, Ultra Cleansing Shampoo and Ultra Nourishing Conditioner.

These stylish little minis are perfect for a long weekend and I couldn’t wait to try them when given the chance to take a few days off. There’s nothing better than shower products that have a fresh but not overwhelming scent and I enjoyed the lemon balm of the Natural Energising Body Wash which is soap free and non-drying to use. My skin can be quite sensitve and I appreciate that Savar’s products are natural and calming on my skin. The Nourishing Body Lotion is as moisturising and hydrating as you would expect and is quickly absorbed into the skin without leaving it too sticky. I loved the delightful scent from the mixture of passionflower, evening primrose oil and fig that has just the right amount of sweetness and lingers nicely but isn’t overwhelming.

It’s always good to find a shampoo that does a proper job of cleansing your hair and scalp so it feels clean but not stripped of natural oils like some chemical-based products can do. Savar’s Ultra Cleansing Shampoo has a wonderful mix of natural ingredients including Manuka honey, avocado, ginger and cucumber which made my hair feel refreshed with an added little tingle from the ginger doing its thing. The Ultra Nourishing Conditioner is made up of the same ingredients and is lightweight enough to not weigh your hair down but still nourishes it and enables it to be detangled which are both important things when your hair is long and fine like mine.

I felt really refreshed and my skin felt hydrated and nourished after using this set for the weekend. It’s definitely something I will be putting in my travel bag for my next weekend away although there may not be any left as I’m tempted to keep what’s left in my shower at home. Savar’s products are certainly sublime and their beautiful blend of botanicals has me curious to see what they come up with next.

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