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Sara Quilter Tailor Skincare

Sara Quilter, founder of Tailor Skincare. Image supplied.

Sara Quilter’s beauty brand Tailor Skincare has gained a loyal following over the past few years for its clever products that utilise natural ingredients in unique ways. Sara thinks of skincare as nutrition for the skin and she has created products that are blendable to meet different skin needs. We were curious to find out more about her approach, what inspired her brand and where she sees it heading.

Where did the idea for Tailor Skincare come from and what’s the inspiration for the name?
After spending time in California doing market research in the Organic Horticulture industry I began to obsess over all of the chemicals we come into contact with on a daily basis. I’m also a psychology major and knew that we’re all unique so I set out to make safe, clean, natural skin care tailored to the individuals needs. Hence, Tailor Skin.

Ethical, sustainable products are in the public consciousness much more than they used to be, why was it important to you to adopt those principles with your business?
Tailor is cruelty-free because we do not have the right to take away another beings freedom and an animal can’t consent to be tested on. So to me being cruelty-free is a no brainer. We’ve had interest from many Chinese suppliers but I will never let my products come into the risk of being tested on animals.

Sustainability of ingredients and packaging materials is an extremely complicated issue which we place an emphasis on doing our best. Recently Tailor moved towards using 100% recyclable tubes. We did this after considering the carbon footprint our glass packing produces. We tasked a carbon emissions expert to calculate the product switch from glass to recyclable tubes found that we were significantly reducing our emissions by doing so. However we do still have blue glass in our product range as it’s recyclable also and we’ve taken this a step further to remove plastic labels from our bottles, they are now screen printed which makes them easier to recycle.

Who do you think is the Tailor Skincare customer and what are they looking for from your brand?
The Tailor customer is someone who cares about what they’re putting onto their skin. They know that the skin is the body’s largest organ and can act as a direct pathway into the bloodstream. They also don’t want to compromise natural for functionality, meaning they want a product which works. Tailor is both natural and does what it says.

What are the key ingredients that you work with for your products and why did you choose them?
There are so many key ingredients because there are so many different skin types and concerns. A few key ingredients include bentonite clay to help deeply cleanse and detoxify the skin. Bentonite is incredible for use on oily and breakout prone skin. Another key ingredient is our probiotic lysate found in Your Blend extract 6 and Tailor Renew. Our unique probiotic lysate has shown to help stimulate the skin’s natural renewal process acting both an antiaging ingredient, were also getting incredible results with Renew to help heal breakouts and reduce scarring. It’s amazing.

Tailor Skincare

Tailor Your Blend products from Tailor Skincare.

What are your personal favourite products from your range?
How do you even choose? That’s like asking a parent to choose their fave child. But in all seriousness, I’m obsessed with Tailor Your Blend. It’s a personalised moisturiser blended for you by you. You simply take an online skin consult to discover your blend.

What are your top tips for healthy skin?
Use Tailor Skincare obviously. But more importantly, choose products with quality natural ingredients over synthetic products. Drink plenty of water, sleep well and practice mindfulness because confident, happy people are the most beautiful.

Where did the idea come from for your lovely packaging? We love that you’ve got travel sized products and beautiful gift sets as well.
At the heart of our packaging is the beautiful blue glass, it’s not just pretty to look at it’s also functional. The dark glass helps to protect our formulations from light damage. In other words it helps to keep the beneficial properties of the natural ingredients intact. We also chose beautiful recyclable boxes which are brown on the inside to highlight the natural features of the ingredients inside the products.

What role does social media and influencers play in your business?
We love our online community and know that word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising. We look for influencers who are genuine because they have the best synergy with the brand.

What is next for Tailor Skincare and where do you see your business in five years time?
What’s next? We’ve got a number projects at various stages of development and all are in line with out core value proposition of personalisation. Keep an eye out!!

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