Saben embraces sustainability with recycled leather totes

Saben recycled leather totes

Saben have created new recycled leather totes. Images supplied.

Beloved handbag brand Saben have released a capsule collection of handbags made entirely from recycled leather offcuts. Aimed at conscious consumers these new bags have been carefully crafted utilising leather created through an innovative up-cycling process; industrial leather glove offcuts are combined with a natural binding agent sourced from rubber trees, to produce a high-quality, supple, second-generation material.

For this first mini collection the Saben have created market-style leather totes that come in two different sizes and feature a luxurious embossed crocodile texture. The brand are currently wear-testing additional styles for the range that will be released later this year.

Sustainability has always been at the core of Saben’s design philosophy since the brand was founded by director Roanne Jacobson in 1998. The designer and businesswoman is excited to be part of a movement of designers exploring alternative solutions to waste in manufacturing.

“Our design ethos has always been fewer-more-beautiful designs that people will love and use for a really long time, regardless of seasonal trends,” says Roanne. “This up-cycling initiative is both exciting and stunning and demonstrates that it’s possible for materials like leather to have a second life, without sacrificing the quality or aesthetic.”

The repurposed leather used for the bags is created in partnership with a company that produces various eco-positive products through the recycling of natural leather fibres. The leather is officially certified as Recycled Leather, meaning it has met the Recycled 100 Claim Standard. As well as reducing manufacturing material waste, the manufacturing process reduces water usage by 90%, and creates durable yet light leather products that retain the look and feel of genuine leather.

“Saben customers are clever; they are making conscious decisions and are increasingly eager to choose options that are kinder to the environment,” adds Roanne. “We have designed this mini collection with these values in mind.”

Saben’s recycled leather totes are available in stores and online now with prices starting from $379.

Saben recycled leather totes

Saben recycled leather totes

Images supplied.

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