Ruby's Vampire Bites into Winter

Looks from Ruby's winter 2016 Vampire collection.


Ruby takes its cue from the underworld this winter, where the Ruby girl will find herself in a romance with a Vampire. And no, we're not thinking of the disco-skinned Robert Pattinson, more alluring Brad Pitt in Interview with a Vampire, as this collection has a decidedly 90s feel. Vampire arrives in stores tomorrow and sees a dark twist in the Ruby girl's path from autumn's adventure in the Alpine, but really, who can resist a charming vampire?
Moody black, grey, navy and bottle green are juxtaposed with vivid scarlet and girlish soft pink which makes for a dramatic yet playful effect in this range full of covetable pieces. Styled with a black velvet choker which was a quintessential 90s look, the silhouettes of these pieces are modern yet hark back to free-spirited, halycon days before selfies, or even cellphones, were part of our everyday lexicon.
Lush faux fur makes sure things will stay toasty warm this winter, while black velvet adds a glamorous feel to chic party pieces. It's not hard to see how this collection will take you everywhere you need to go with gorgeous coats and swishing skirts making every outing an enjoyable one. Ruby is tempting its followers over to the dark side this season and we're more than happy to go along for the ride.


Images from Ruby.

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