RUBY partners with CanTeen in support of Bandanna Day 2021

RUBY x CanTeen

RUBY partnered with CanTeen for Bandanna Day 2021. Image supplied.

RUBY have partnered with CanTeen for this year’s Bandanna Day (Friday 26th March) to support rangatahi (young people) living with cancer. Each year around 4,200 new young people people are impacted by cancer and from the day of diagnosis to long past remission, CanTeen stands beside them every step of the way. RUBY has created a limited-edition bandanna that encapsulates the spirit and youthful atmosphere of CanTeen with all proceeds going towards supporting young people experiencing cancer through either their own diagnosis or that of a loved one.

“For our RUBY x Canteen bandanna, I wanted to keep it super fresh and joyful,” says Deanna Didovich, RUBY Creative Director. “This print is an absolute favourite of our Rubettes and is sure to add a pop of colour to someone’s day. Canteen’s work supporting young people facing cancer is something that we were proud to get onboard with. Too many people are affected both directly and indirectly by this disease, and we hope that the proceeds made from these bandannas helps to make a difference to the lives of those affected.”

RUBY’s colourful bandanna is available to purchase online now and in RUBY stores across Aotearoa for $15.
The bandanna is created from organic, sustainably sourced, high quality cotton and made to last. RUBY’s paper carry bags are made from sustainable fibres and post-consumer waste and for every charge per bag (no more than the exact production cost) RUBY will donate 100% of the proceeds to CanTeen Aotearoa for the week commencing the 22nd March 2021.

“It’s so great that RUBY has collaborated with CanTeen on the bandanna campaign – I really think it’s going to create a positive impact and awareness for young people living with cancer in Aotearoa,” says Molly Rowlandson, Bandanna Day ambassador and lead singer of Molly & The Chromatics. “I had leukaemia in my early twenties, and I know that seeing an awesome brand that I respect and know that many other young people do too would have made me feel included, supported and less alone. The bandannas look super cool and I’d like to say a big thank you to RUBY and to everyone who buys a bandanna – in doing this you are standing by and showing your support for young people going through an experience of cancer.”

Bandanna Day is CanTeen’s annual fundraiser which helps support their vital services including counselling, online support, events and camps to support rangitahi and their families. Individual support is provided by specially trained staff in person, over the phone or online to help deal with the stress that a cancer diagnosis can bring. Online support available to rangatahi includes a 24/7 online community, information and seven-day access to CanTeen counsellors. Regional events are hosted all over Aotearoa connecting rangatahi who are going through similar challenges, providing much needed respite from the daily struggles that cancer brings.

RUBY x CanTeen

RUBY x CanTeen

RUBY x CanTeen

Images supplied.

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