Robyn Stinson launches bespoke bridal label

Robyn Stinson bridal

Bridal gown by Robyn Stinson Designs. Images by Cornege Photography.

There’s nothing better than having an item of clothing made just for you and even more so when it’s something as special as a wedding gown, which is what designer Robyn Stinson is now specialising in. Over the past decade Robyn build up her womenswear brand Ooby Ryn but after deciding to close it down she has gone back to fashion with Robyn Stinson Designs which specialises in bespoke bridalwear. We were curious to know what prompted this change for Robyn, more about her new label and what her tips are for modern brides.

What was behind the decision to move on from Ooby Ryn and start your own bridal label?
I was the designer behind the brand Ooby Ryn for ten years. In August 2016 Ben and I had it first baby boy, Kiedis and we decided it was time for a change and to shut down Ooby Ryn. I’ve always had a eye for exquisite fabrics and love working with brides so it was a natural progression to decide to specialise in bridal wear. So we set up a studio at home where I can work from and also spend time with my bundle of joy.

What can customers expect from your new brand and what inspired your first collection for it?
I am designing and creating bespoke, one-off wedding gowns. I also make hats and headwear pieces for the races and mother of the bride/groom.

How would you describe your personal style and how it influences your designs?
I love to design pieces with a point of difference. Something unique and original that will make you feel a million dollars. My personal style is pretty casual at the moment as life with a baby is pretty hectic but truly amazing.

Robyn Stinson bridal

Bridal gown by Robyn Stinson Designs. Images by Cornege Photography.

Who are your style icons and why?
Ohhhh I have so many! I love Alexander McQueen for his amazing designs but I also love Kate Middleton’s classic and feminine style and there’s so many more!

What is your favourite thing about designing bridal wear?
I love working with brides to create their dream dress, finding amazing fabrics and laces and working through the process to get to the final gown and seeing how excited each bride is! It makes me so happy.

What are your tips for a modern bride when shopping for a gown?
I think it’s a good idea to try on some gowns first especially for colour and cut! Sometimes you might think you want a particular style but it might not suit you at all.

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