R&G Store Opening

It’s an interesting take on a fashion outlet, as R&G’s store development manager, Nik Rush, says: “21 High St played host to the iconic Deschler’s Bar for many years, and the site has retained that relaxed vibe, well suited to chilling out and relaxing.  Roughcast brick walls, exposed beams and raw wooden floorboards make up the physical structure; add a pool table, comfortable leather chairs and a counter that doubles as a bar, and you get the real essence of the brand coming to life – authentic, masculine, understated style.



The aim was to capture the spirit of the bar and building whilst incorporating a retail selling space that was at one with its environs. It's the real deal and is what it is, nothing more, nothing less."


It’s a real deal that played out well to the assorted fashionistas and media attending the opening – men particularly.  With Moa beer going around (in a man size bottle) the launch was a smash-hit and the store is well worth a visit.


The design and new fit-out work perfectly, the wood, bar and masculine feel really gets you in the ‘let’s have a scotch, perhaps pick up some new slacks and a polo before playing the back nine’ mood.  


The move also seems to tie in with a fresh direction for R&G, often considered quite traditional with a fairly loyal, blokey/old boys customer base. R&G’s designer John Prikryl reckons: “The R&G guy prefers substance rather than fads and appreciates quality. With a sense of adventure and youthful optimism, he values the craftsmanship of authenticity.”


Tying in with the fresh direction and a bit of youthful exuberance, the store opening also saw the announcement of the winners of R&G’s ‘Face of R&G’ model search – with hundreds of quality entrants to choose from, the R&G team made the decision to announce four winners, two guys and two girls. They are: (L-R) Alistair Boyd, Krystian Heath, Kitty Riddell and Rosie Herdman.



The lucky winners will travel to Turkey in three weeks time with renowned fashion photographer Derek Henderson to shoot R&G’s Spring/Summer advertising campaign.


– Will Seal


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