Reynolds + Arch Hill + Workshop + Becks

Top left to right: John and Claire Reynolds, Chris and Helen Cherry

Bottom left to right: Julia Ford and Tara Angus, Mino, Alex, Danny, Chin – Four Eyes


An evening of music, art and Beck's beer was held on Thursday 11 October at Workshop's Ponsonby store, to celebrate the brand's latest collaboration with renowned New Zealand artist John Reynolds.


The ensemble features a series of Workshop t-shirt prints to accompany Reynold's  work on Beck’s ‘art beer’ bottles launching this month. Reynolds, who has worked with Workshop for more than 20 years, referenced song lyrics from local record label Arch Hill’s extensive catalogue as inspiration for the designs.   


Top left to right: Charlotte Ryan and Matthias Jordan, John Reynolds, Katherine Lowe and Kate Stevenson

Bottom left to right: Sam Lee and Dana Kang, Joel Flyger and Lili Sumner, Maddy Budd and Levi Patel

Four prints can be won through Beck’s art beer promotions and a further special edition Reynolds for Workshop print is available in mens and womens styles exclusively at Workshop stores, at $149.00

Image credits:  Ayla Brie Jenkins


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