Review: Stolen Girlfriends Club at RAFW 2011


Not so fortunately, I was seated in the front row at what turned out to be the wrong end of the catwalk. The dimly lit end of the catwalk. The hard-to-take-a-photo-or-see-clearly-because-it's-so-dark-down-here end of the catwalk.


Oh well. It didn't matter. In spite of the moody lighting, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was their best yet. It was cleaner, more cohesive and polished than any other Stolen show I've ever seen. The reason I enjoyed it so much was largely due to the label's collaboration with New Zealand based artist, Karl Maughan. Maughan's signature floral prints were splashed all over the collection.



The beautiful flowers were printed on everything – tees, jackets, pants and shorts. And best of all, on dresses – the highlight being a low cut, full-skirted frock with giant fabric flowers pinned to the shoulder – I'll take mine in a size 8, thanks.



-Words and photos by Katherine Lowe


View more runway images from SGC's RAFW show here

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