Relationships Forecast for July – August 2021 with Gaia Chinniah of Soul33

Gaia Chinniah relationship forecast

Gaia Chinniah from Soul 33 has created a relationship forecast for July/August 2021. Image supplied.

Relationships are the most asked about topic in the line of work that I am in. Many ask if they are with the right person, if they will meet someone and when they will meet someone. While everyone’s relationship soul blueprint is unique, spiritually there are many factors that come into play when looking at someone’s relationship history and future. The information that I derive for the relationship guidance is through my meditation practice, communication with my spirit guides and what I see happening with my clients during their one-on-one sessions. There are always themes that the Universe delivers for us to focus on, I am good at hearing and seeing what they are.

Whether you are single or in a relationship there are supporting Universal energies which encourage a certain focus around your relationships. Whether you are single, available or have a status of ‘it’s complicated’ there are some key focus’ over the next couple of months for you to consider. When we work with the Universal energies, we can go with the flow rather than bringing about more resistance than necessary.

Singles! This is a great time to be ambitious. Firstly, you need to set the intention of meeting the person that is right for YOU. Not Mr or Miss perfect, not a person to meet your expectations but the person that has been placed on earth for you to unite with for the greatest good of your lessons and human experiences. If you can cast aside your judgement but keep the core values you are looking for, there is momentum to move full steam ahead in meeting that someone for you! However, the key thing to remember over this time is that you must act! Yes, the Universe does deliver, but without some form of action you will not be creating the push that you need to put yourself in situations where you may meet that someone. So how can you act? In this day and age, it may mean joining apps, picking a night each week where you arrange to go out with single friends and being open to meeting some new people. You may also tell people too hook you up on a date. The key is to know what you are looking for but without judging someone at face value as sometimes what you need is not what you may see instantly. Set your mind to finding love and you have a lot of support energetically to meet them.

If you have been struggling to find a relationship, your relationship energy may not be aligned. What this means is that your brain may want a relationship, but your heart chakra is closed. It’s important to take some time to look into your past history with relationships and look specifically at where things weren’t working. Look at your contribution to that and forgive the situation so that you may release it and move forward. Many people desperately want relationships but are not aware of the part they contribute to making a relationship harmonious or otherwise. There are some things to heal in this area, so don’t shy away from any painful memories because if they are still painful there is an opportunity to work on it so you can create a better relationship in the future.

Things are coming full circle and you really have the ability to have a fresh start but working on areas that have not been healed yet and acting at the same time will be the key to your success as well as your spiritual growth.

There are some new beginnings for couples too and this is around your physical relationship and your earthly possessions such as what you create together. If you have been feeling stuck, bored and maybe even a bit ‘alone’ within the relationship, find some common ground where you are working towards something as a team for your home, family or business. This time is about teamwork. Enjoy working together and reaping what you sow over a period of time.

While this time has opportunities to reconnect with your partner there may be an undertone of disappointment and self-pity, and these are the areas to work on. In this situation you are asked to review your expectations and remember why you chose this person in the first place. Are you expecting something that your partner has never given you before? Is it realistic that this person could change? How can you manage your expectations to avoid disappointment? Are you comparing your relationships to other people’s relationships? Asking yourself these questions and expressing concerns to your partner after your own evaluation will help you only communicate what is true. Coming back to why you chose this person will be your key to contentment and giving them a chance to respond to your concerns and show you things can be different now that you are both on the same page. Remember – how can you work towards something together? It will make the journey together more rewarding.

Profile: Gaia is an internationally known healer, medium and spiritual coach. She founded Soul 33 a healing company and the modality of Soul Progression Therapy ® when she had an awakening at the age of 33. She channels messages from spirit guides, uses energy healing and is able to speak to your soul and see your past lives. She sees your soul blueprint. She reminds you who you are in a very practical way. Gaia has a Masters in Management Studies, is a Reiki Master and has a qualification from Omega Institute New York in Past Life Regression Therapy. She has a product distribution company in Asia to fulfil her business desires and she lives her life wanting to be the best that she can be. She has created a spiritual guidance app and is the founder of Spiritual Health Magazine to help others understand the journey. To find out more about Gaia visit For her spiritual guidance app search ‘Soul33’ on your app stores.

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