Psychology of Summer with Sunglass Hut

New Ray-Bans sunglasses from Sunglass Hut’s summer range. Image supplied.

Summer is in full swing and Sunglass Hut have conducted research that shows that (48%) of New Zealand women wear more styles in summer than winter, citing they can be ‘more experimental’ and have a ‘sense of freedom’ in summer. In light of this, Sunglass Hut stocks 35% more exuberant/colourful sunglasses in their summer range, in anticipation of this experimental affect of the weather.

So why do we feel this way in the warmer weather and what empowers us to be more adventurous and try new styles? Dr Samantha Clarke, Clinical Psychologist says our mood, the way we express ourselves and the decision we make are heavily dependent on our environment.

“It’s no surprise that women feel more adventurous to explore their style during the warmer months. The environment around us influences our mood – and our mood influences the decisions we make – it’s related to Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) for seasonal variations. This type of seasonal pattern affects more women than men.”

“We know that when people feel down or depressed, they instinctively select items of clothing that allow them to blend in – usually darker colours. In the warmer months our mood is uplifted, as we are more active, wear brighter colours and spend more time in the sun. With this comes an element adventure when it comes to decision-making.”

As you would expect our wardrobes follow suit and summer is usually about bright colours that evoke joyfulness and fun. Sunglass Hut’s summer range features styles by all your favourite designer brands like Prada, Gucci and Celine as well as ever popular Ray-Bans and Oakleys among others. They even stock Karen Walker’s brilliant sunglasses range which we’re big fans of. Whether you’re feeling adventurous or after something more classic you’ll find lots of stylish choices at Sunglass Hut this summer.

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