Project Runway NZ Week 6 recap + exit interview with Beth Hornsby-Hunt

Project Runway New Zealand

The remaining nine Project Runway New Zealand designers gather in the forest to hear about their next challenge. Image by Tom Hollow.

Project Runway New Zealand episode six is upon us already and the designers are certainly feeling the strain of the past few weeks of frenetic fashion. ‘I’m not used to functioning on so little sleep,’ says Kerry before musing that he’s sad to see Beau go as he thought Beau had a lot more to give. Jess isn’t sure Judy has the goods to keep winning and Peni reflects that it sucks to be in the bottom and he plans to step his game up.

The designers head to the runway to meet host Georgia Fowler who tells them that they blew the judges away with their avant garde looks last week. She also tells them that the show is at the halfway mark and it’s only going to get tougher. Caitlin says that she has been given a second chance (after being in the bottom two last week) and wants to redeem herself and make everyone proud this week.

The challenge is revealed

Next they’re off in the Holden Astras to meet mentor Andreas Mikellis in a forest with Kerry commenting that he’s wearing white, already has dirt on his shoes and is not ready for the forest. Andreas tells them that they will be creating a high fashion look inspired by the Resene wallpaper that is wrapped around the trees nearby.

The designers have got a day and a half for the challenge and $150 to spend at The Fabric Store. They each have to run to claim the wallpaper on the tree they want with Benjamin determined to get the graffiti wallpaper he wanted and nips to the tree. Caitlin and Jess reach the gold palm print at the same time and Caitlin wraps her arms around the tree to claim it.

She says she’s not going to give up the wallpaper without the fight and Jess calls for in an instant replay. The designers gather around the camera to see the replay with Caitlin revealed as the first to the tree. Jess isn’t happy she didn’t win but there isn’t much time to waste as the designers get into sketching their designs. Her new wallpaper is a carpet bag style floral which she ends up being happy with.

The designers browse through the fabric at The Fabric Store with Kerry remarking that everything he makes is high fashion so this is his challenge. While Peni is trying to make sure he makes a good choice this week to stay out of the bottom. Beth adds that she doesn’t really know what high fashion is and that she dresses for what she likes and doesn’t care what anyone thinks.

Project Runway NZ Week 6

Caitlin and Jess each try and claim the same wallpaper in the forest.

Off to the workroom

They’re off to the workroom next and Benjamin is keeping his plan to himself with Judy adding that she is an indecisive person and her design usually changes a few times. She asks herself if her design is interesting enough or high fashion enough and remarks that the sleeve she made is a dinosaur sleeve.

While most of the designers are using Resene paints to paint on their fabric, Jess isn’t painting hers and is making an outfit and earrings from her checked fabric. Kerry is making a sleek suit in silver adding in the Lemur print from his wallpaper. Misty remarks that Peni’s design plan sounds complicated and he presses on with making something detailed. Kerry adds that he is a bit worried for Beth as this week’s challenge is totally out of her comfort zone and she adds that she has ‘no idea what she’s doing.’

Day two arrives

Benjamin adds that painting fabric could be a disaster for him or for anyone. He is using shaving cream to create his clever painted design and is using his marble technique for his entire design. Andreas arrives and remarks that it is looking like a textile studio in the workroom. He adds that Kerry’s wallpaper is his favourite and thinks Kerry’s design is a bit too controlled and that he needs to let loose.

Caitlin is recreating the wallpaper on the fabric and Andreas says that pants would be better than what she has in mind. He reassures Caitlin that she can do it. Andreas tells Peni that he needs to be precise and move past his previous mistakes. Andreas loves Camille’s use of colour and tells her to try some ideas out first to get her design right.

Beth tells Andreas that she’s making a watercolour version of her wallpaper to create the textile and Andreas tells her to be even more arty about it. Judy is upset as she is putting a lot of pressure on herself and is worried that she doesn’t have her design sorted yet. Andreas reminds her that she has immunity and not to be too hard on herself.

The models arrive for their first fitting and Benjamin is pleased to have his model Gracie back. Caitlin is pushing herself to create a large amount of stencilled fabric and is pleased with how it’s going. Kerry remarks that people do crumble with the amount of pressure on them and Peni gets on the phone to get support from his sister. Peni says that when he was a little boy he wanted to be in fashion and his sister reassures him that he can do this.

Runway day

It’s runway day already and Caitlin isn’t sure she’s going to get everything done in time. Beth is pretty much finished and hopes that because she’s finished early it’s a good thing. Judy is feeling lost and changing her design again. She leaves the workroom as she’s not feeling ok. Kerry tells her that he liked her dress and that she needs to get on and finish it. Andreas arrives and lets them know they have two hours for hair, makeup and styling. The models arrive next and the designers get busy doing final fittings and making last minute adjustments.

It’s Beth’s birthday and the designers present her with a cake backstage before they head out to watch their designs come down the runway. Georgia arrives and introduces the judges Sally-Ann Mullin and Benny Castles as well as guest judge Marc Moore, designer and co-founder of Stolen Girlfriends Club.

Project Runway NZ Week 6

Guest judge Marc Moore, judges Benny Castles and Sally-Ann Mullin, and host Georgia Fowler.

Peni’s design is first up on the runway and he immediately regrets the stomach panel on his design and is cringing at its presentation. Beth’s design is next up and she likes it but is worried there might not be enough colour. Caitlin is next and says she’s really proud of her garment and that it looks amazing on the model. Jess loves her outfit and says that she wishes the shawl is covering more of the sleeve but she’s happy with it. Kerry also adds he’s happy with his garment and that it looks luxe.

Camille says that her colours go well together but she’s not too sure about her skirt. Benjamin thinks his outfit looks cool and it’s exactly what he wanted but he isn’t sure if the judges will like the print. Judy says she’s embarassed by her dress and didn’t want to send it down the runway. Misty is happy with her design and thinks that anyone could pick that it was her garment.

Judy mentions she is relieved that she has immunity before Kerry, Camille and Misty are told they are safe and can leave the runway. While Beth, Judy, Benjamin, Caitlin, Peni and Jess remain on the runway to discuss their outfits with the judges.

The models return to the runway with Peni telling the judges he went futuristic with his design and Sally-Ann adds that the stomach panel makes it look like a Teletubby. Beth says that she went with a watercolour print and Marc says that her outfit was a bit on the safe side. Caitlin says she recreated her wallpaper and she went with a resort look which Sally-Ann thinks looks like she spent too much time on the print. Jess says she wanted to recreate an emotional feeling of nostalgia and Benny and Sally-Ann agree that it’s ‘grandma-chic’.

Benjamin says that he wanted to do experimental marbling to reflect the colours of his print. Benny says that the outfit has a sexy back and Marc is pleased that the back shows more skin. Judy says that she feels she let herself down with the design and Georgia tells her it’s definitely not her best work and they’re surprised that she made it.

Andreas returns with the models and the judges and Andreas mention that they are underwhelmed this week by the designer’s outfits. They aren’t sure about Caitlin’s look and Georgia, Marc and Benny like her outfit better without the blouse. Marc comments that Beth’s outfit is underwhelming and is vanilla. They like Jess’ outfit and think that she was the most creative with the brief. The judges agree that Peni’s garment is ill-fitting and not perfect. They love Benjamin’s outfit and say it’s current and is beautiful. Georgia comments that Judy’s is a bit of a mess and Andreas says that she put too much pressure on itself.

And the winner is…

The designers return to the runway with Benjamin complimented on his look and told he is the winner of this challenge. Benjamin says that after two wins that he would love to go on a winning streak. Jess is the runner up and Peni is next. While Georgia tells Caitlin that she is in but her design fell a bit flat. Georgia tells Judy that she really struggled and it shows but because she has immunity she is in and Beth is out. Beth says that it has been a once in a lifetime opportunity and she’s grateful to have been on the show.

Project Runway NZ Week 6

Designer Beth Hornsby-Hunt (centre) was the sixth contestant eliminated on Project Runway New Zealand. Image by Tom Hollow.

We caught up with Beth to find out more about her experience on the show, what she would have done differently and what’s next for her.

How would you describe your Project Runway New Zealand experience in five words?
High pressure but hugely rewarding

What challenge were you hoping to have competed in?
Active wear — I was quite excited to test my sewing skills with lycra and to see if I could merge ruffles or pleats with skin tight pants.

Is there anything you would do differently if you could do the show again?
Make a better garment, ha! I can see now where I went wrong in the high fashion brief, I mean, I obviously had no idea what high fashion was. I should have done more homework. But I’m lucky now that I will be doing some work with Stephen Blase from The Pattern Table, who I’m sure will teach me more about what the heck high fashion is.

What was it like walking in and meeting everyone for the first time?
Meeting everyone for the first time was great! I am super friendly (however, my face may not always say that) and I love meeting new people. There is so much to learn from others, especially when you step outside your usual network; I learnt so much from the others designers on the show.

Which other designer/s did you bond with on the show?
Misty and I are great mates. I’m also super close with Beau, who also is continually teaching me new things. Benjamin and I also had a lot in common.

What was your favourite moment from the filming of the show?
There were so many great moments during filming, and unfortunately so many of them didn’t make it to air – dancing and singing while driving was definitely one of my faves. I like to think I have a pretty good singing voice.

What is your advice for anyone who wants to be on Project Runway New Zealand in future?
Definitely ask yourself what is your motivation for doing this. If it’s to become famous or win, then I don’t quite think that’s a good enough reason. It should be to learn everything you can and to grow as a designer.

What’s next for you?
I will be finishing off any school work I missed due to filming, growing my client base for my commissioned work and working with Stephen Blase from The Pattern Table.

Tune in to Project Runway New Zealand next Monday, 7.30pm on TVNZ 2 to find out who will win the challenge and who will walk. We can’t wait! If you missed an episode you can always catch up on TVNZ On Demand here.

See every look from the runway this week below.

Images by Tom Hollow.

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