Primp and pout

  Often glossed, but also often neglected, lips need to be cared for just as you would care for the rest of your skin…

  • Look out for lip products that contain nourishing ingredients such as shea butter, olive oil and cocoa butter as these will take care of your lips far more intensively than petroleum based products.
  • Those pesky cracks that can form at the side of your mouth are typically stress related and are caused by a vitamin B deficiency. Luckily it is easy to give yourself a little boost of this. The best way to increase vitamin B is in a supplement, from your health food shop or chemist, but there are simple changes you can make in your diet that may help. Try using marmite or vegemite, or increasing your intake of leafy green veggies, brewer's yeast and whole grains.
  • Like the rest of your skin, your lips need to be protected. You've heard it once, you'll hear it again. Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen! Using an SPF product on your lips several times a day is your first defense against dry lips, and this combined with a nourishing lip salve or balm will not only keep your lips hydrated, but protect against the signs of ageing that appear around the mouth.
  • There are a few tried and true natural remedies that can improve the condition of your lips. Try massaging your lips and the surrounding area with almond oil to keep them in good condition and combat the fine lines that appear with ageing. Calendula, a herb with extremely high antioxidant levels and healing properties, generally comes in a cream form and is excellent for helping dry, sore and cracked lips to heal. Cool black tea bags are said to improve the moisture levels of the lips when applied for about 5 minutes.
  • Exfoliate: Use a toothbrush with some Vaseline on it to gently smooth away any rough spots and dry skin. This stimulation will also cause a temporary plumping effect.
  • Drink water: Lips don’t have their own natural moisture reserves so by drinking plenty of water, especially at night, you will find you wake up with plump, juicy-looking lips. Just like skin the more hydrated lips are the healthier and less lined they will look.

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