Pretty plus size wedding guest outfits

Spring and summer are peak time for weddings. Whether you’re attending in person or watching the wedding via livestream, it’s time to pop the pyjamas aside and get dressed up. Here are a few ideas for wedding outfits that we’ve found in store and online.

Wedding guest outfits

Glamourama Cami (size 12-24), $119.95, Sparkle and Shine Wide Leg Pant (size 12-24), $234.95 and Sparkle and Shine Bolero (size 12-24), $154.95 from Taking Shape (left), Rippled Love Dress (size XXS-XL / 12-22), $189.99 from City Chic (centre) and Stella Royal Kimbra Maxi Dress (size 1-4 / 14-22), $199 from Augustine (right).

Soft pink tones are trending at the moment, and they’re perfect for weddings. If you want to take it to the next level, add some florals, sparkles or a bit of flouncy volume to your outfit.

Wedding guest outfits

Navy Floral Primrose Dress (size XS-XXL / 14-28), $179 from Ruby & Rain (left), Criss Cross Sundress (size 10-26), $129.90 from K&K (centre) and Primrose Floral Splice Evelyn Dress (size XS-4X), AUD $185 from Made590 (right).

Florals and leaf prints are always a popular choice for spring and summer events – especially weddings. From small prints to large ones, bright colours to pastels to monochrome, there is a whole garden of options to pick from.

Wedding guest outfits

Drops Orange Biba Dress (size XS-3X), AUD $195 from Made590 (left), Sparkle Joy Dress (size XS-XXL / 14-24), $149.99 from City Chic (centre) and Pink Dusk Sheer Ecstasy Print Dress (size 10-22), AUD $149.48 from The Iconic (right).

Greens are also very popular at the moment, and of course leafy prints come to mind. Whether you go for a print or pattern, no matter what shade of green you like to wear there are some stunning options out there.

Wedding guest outfits

Jade Blossom Jumpsuit (size XS-XXL / 14-24), $149.99 from City Chic (left), Sparkle Palms Jumpsuit (size 12-24), $289.95 from Taking Shape (centre) and Sexy Tuxe Jumpsuit (size XS-XXL / 14-24), $199.99 from City Chic (right).

There’s something so elegant about a jumpsuit, and we’re happy to report that there are lots of fabulous options out there at the moment if this is more your style. Go for a belted option (or add one!) if you want a more defined shape.

Wedding guest outfits

Serena Lace Cocktail Dress (size 12-24), $289.95 from Taking Shape (left), Kiyonna Flirty Flounce Wrap Dress (US size 0X-4X / 10-28), AUD $150 from Sisu & Finn (centre) and Rippled Tulle Maxi Dress (size XXS-XXL / 12-24), $199.99 from City Chic (right).

There are a few mixed opinions about wearing black to a wedding, so if you’re wanting to go down that route it may be best to check with the couple getting married. Some other options that incorporate darker tones include something in a neutral shade with a darker overlay like tulle or lace; or a dark colour that is not black (navy is a great option!).

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