Pretty plaits

The best thing about plaits is that they are super easy to do and are perfect for those times when you really can’t be bothered blow drying your hair or it's in need of a wash, or quite simply, you just need to keep your locks out of your face and are not feeling the humble ponytail.

The trend is easy to follow as there are so many different ways to style a plait – from loose and girly, to smooth and sophisticated. If you don't fancy a full plait then follow Ashley Olsen or Lauren Conrad's examples and just plait one side of your hair.

There is no better time to get plaiting, check out our favourite looks below.

Kate Hudson:
Kate’s casual plait is perfect for those times when you want to keep attention elsewhere (ie. an amazing dress!) In this case, her plait works the red carpet with her and gives her look a laid back cool. All you need to do is blow dry hair straight while using a volumising spray to give lift at the crown, plait and then fasten with a hair elastic. To give hair a more formal look, Kate's stylist has given her fringe a smooth blowdry, then gently curled the sides with curling tongs (we LOVE Richard Kavanagh's 'Bent' curling tongs). This way the look is kept simple and elegant.

Sienna Miller:
Sienna is a free spirit who works the bohemian look like no other which is why this style of braid works so well on her; she really is a Greek Goddess. If you have really, really long hair you could pull this look off by putting it into a ponytail at the nape of the neck, then plaiting the pony, winding it around the top of the head and clipping it in place at the back of the head. In this instance, we're pretty certain that Sienna's stylist has plaited a hair piece and attached it to the top of her head. Looks good huh?

Nicole Richie:
Richie works the Heidi hair trend by plaiting two braids on either side of her centre parting. The plaits are secured in a messy bun, pinned low, just above the nape of the neck, giving her a soft but sexy look – this is so easy to do, but looks like you have made an effort – love it. We heart the pairing of the cutesy-pie hair with the va va voom false lashes.

Ashley Olsen:
We love Ashley's mussy look – it's as if she played with her hair and decided to keep it in. To get this look, side part the hair, then take a front section of the side part and plait it until you have reached the end of the hair and secure with a hair elastic. Sea salt spray the rest of the hair and give it a good shake to get a tousled look, then pile it all up into a messy bun and secure. Easy peasy…

Lauren Conrad:
Lauren really knows how to work the hippie chic look and she is a huge fan of plaits, working the look often. This looks keeps any annoying front strands of hair out of your face on a hot day and looks perfect teamed with a maxi dress for the full 'Woodstock' effect. Simply take hair from each side at the front of a centre part, plait into a very loose section then pull to the back of the head and secure together.

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