Pow! Crash! Bang! Shazam! Wonder Woman and MAC Collide

And taking inspiration from the larger than life DC Comics Diva, and in true superhero form, the line-up will be supersized like you’ve never seen before – with everything from super-sized Mineralize Skinfinish, bold Eye Shadow quads, Pigment, Opulash, Lipsticks and oversized Lipglass, jumbo-big Powder Blush and Penultimate Eye Liner, Nail Lacquer and Lash.  The collection of course is in Wonder Woman’s signature colours of red, blue and gold.




Plus, since Wonder Woman has always known the importance of a bag of tricks, the collaboration will also feature a collection of accessories from bright, bold makeup bags to Utility Belt Brush Sets, and exclusively online, the WW T-Shirt and Invincible Mirror to ensure we can all be the Wonder Women we want to be! 


We can’t wait for this collab between one of the world’s most iconic makeup brands and one of the most iconic heroines of all time – Wonder Woman is the original incarnation of what makes women forever wonderful! 

Gordon Espinet, Vice President of Global Makeup Artistry, M•A•C Worldwide tells us more about the fab new collection:

Q: What’s the color story for spring and how is Wonder Woman the perfect beauty icon to tell it?
A: For spring we have seen that one of the biggest outstanding trends is a very early, fresh ‘70s look. Think a shampoo commercial from 1972, or a Cheryl Tiegs or Farrah Fawcett type of girl. It was this whole idea of the “modern woman,” which is a minimalist approach that produces a maximum effect. It’s a very nude face with products that are used to sculpt, with hints of pop art colors and cool tones. And of course, Wonder Woman is the ultimate modern woman.

Q: As a makeup artist, surely Wonder Woman—one of the most famous (and beautiful) superheroes of all time—presents certain beauty connotations in your mind. What is her look all about?
A: Personally, I definitely go back to Lynda Carter, but Wonder Woman has many different incarnations! No matter what, it always stands out to me that she is a true natural beauty. She wears makeup, but the makeup never wears her.


Q: Mineralize Skinfinish features prominently in this collection. What is great about this product from your expert perspective?
A: Everyone is obsessed with this product! It operates like a powder and mimics the skin it lays on: If you put it on creamy skin it lends a creamy texture, apply it to matte and it creates a matte look. It’s basically your skin…but better! It also gets rid of blotchiness, redness and discoloration. It’s truly, for lack of a better phrase, “idiot proof.” The technology makes it possible for Skinfinish to be easy to apply and fall in all the right places without looking like you tried too hard.

Q: Each extra-large Mineralize Skinfinish compact offers both shimmer and matte finishes side-by-side. What is the value in that? Can you offer any application tips?
A: The fact that it’s dual-sided means you can create very dynamic looks: Use the matte product for shading and shaping, and the shiny section creates highlights. Together they work in unison so you achieve perfectly sculpted cheekbones, eyes, jawline, décolleté…you can actually use this product anywhere. It’s all about the application. For example, for matte use I would recommend our 116 cheek brush to sculpt under the cheekbone: just start beneath and brush up. The 227 looks like a giant eyeshadow brush and it’s fabulous to swipe on shimmer to create gorgeous highlights above the cheekbones. I also love 224 brush to sculpt the eye area and crease, and the 219, which looks like a fat crayon and which you can use with the matte side to emphasize the eye as well.

Q: This collection includes strong, rich eye and lip colors. What’s the best way to rock a bold look even if you’re not a superhero?
A: Focus on one feature. I love a rich lip, and an easy-to-wear technique is to concentrate the color near the center of your lips and fade as you get nearer to your lip line. That way you avoid a heavy outline and create a bright lip that’s still kissable, not threatening.  For eyes, instead of creating a rainbow of different colors, stick with a rich shade applied near your lashline and softly blend out.

Q: There is a “makeover” element to this collection, as M•A•C’s Wonder Woman helps Plain Janes go from drab to fantastic. What’s the one product a woman should try to instantly liven up her look?
A: Every woman should try the colored mascara in this collection! It’s not only great in terms of offering this highly pigmented, fabulous colour, but the Opulash formula is amazing. It’s so versatile, you can put it on curled lashes and it doesn’t weigh them down, and the brush is nice and big, which makes for even, effortless product distribution. I would recommend choosing the shade you’re most drawn to, pair it with a matching eyeliner softly smudged against the lashline, and a nude face. That way the look isn’t too graphic and you get this great pop of colour.


M•A•C Wonder Woman: Available INTL March 2011

Article by Natalie Cosgrove

18 January 2011

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