Pleasure State launches its cutting edge, innovative bra into New Zealand

It’s simple really. A bra that understands that women with different cup sizes want different things from their bra. And this October, New Zealand women will be introduced to a range of bras that provides that: Pleasure State’s famous and highly sort-after push-up bra – Pleasure State My Fit.

Developed in 2005, the My Fit bra technology broke the mould of the traditional push-up bra by engineering a push up pad that’s customised by cup size to offer graduation of cleavage enhancement appropriate to each woman’s needs.

The Pleasure State range comprises of four labels with distinctive personalities. Emblematic of ultimate luxury, Pleasure State embraces the highest standards of creativity, quality and technology and has a unique philosophy of continuous reinvention and innovation. With one strong identity, Pleasure State has evolved into distinctive brands: Pleasure State Couture the signature collection, Pleasure State White Label, the diffusion collection, Pleasure State VIP, a fashion collection for women with a voluptuous bust, and Pleasure State My Fit, the latest in push up technology and biology.

Pleasure State is about aligning lingerie styles with leading outerwear trends. It transposes the prêt-à-porter and couture collections’ main influences and infuses them into exquisite and exclusive lingerie creations. The brand also finds inspiration in contemporary outerwear luxury fabrics. New generations of woven fabrics, exclusive to Pleasure State, are creatively used for a more tailored look. Pleasure State captures the essence of what women want and how it makes them feel; playful, seductive and utterly spellbinding.

While defining trends and always ahead of its time, Pleasure State has taken the world by storm. The signature collection Pleasure State Couture, the diffusion collection Pleasure State White Label, Pleasure State VIP, the collection designed for full-busted women, and the graduated cup push-up bra collection Pleasure State My Fit, are now available in over thirty countries.

The Pleasure State My Fit range, well as Pleasure State’s fashion White Label brand will be stocked in Farmers stores nationwide. Bendon Lingerie stores are stocking the full range.




By Natalie Cosgrove

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