Peter Alexander celebrates Wonder-Mums this Mother’s Day

Lynda Carter and her daughter Jessica Altman in Peter Alexander’s Mother’s Day campaign.

Mother’s Day is not far away now and this year popular sleepwear brand Peter Alexander has teamed up with the original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, for a sensational Mother’s Day campaign celebrating Wonder-Mums. The brand has been helping customers treat their mums for Mother’s Day for over 30 years and Peter Alexander loves finding new ways to celebrate mums every year.

Back in the 1970s, Lynda Carter, starred as Wonder Woman in the original television show and inspired many young women with her kick-ass style and confidence. Peter himself was a long-time Wonder Woman fan and was honoured when Lynda Carter agreed to star in his Mother’s Day campaign as a real-life Wonder-Mum with her daughter Jessica Altman. The campaign was shot in New York City and is an ode ‘to the super powers that only a Mother could possess! From that hug healing power or their glazing death stare to their remarkable ability to be a human lie detector!’

Peter and Lynda quickly bonded over their shared love of animals on-set. “I felt a real synergy with Peter the moment we started chatting,” says Lynda Carter. “It’s a brand that I just get. I love how much fun he has – from the pyjama designs to Peter himself, it’s full of love and energy. As a woman and mother, there was nothing I loved more than being able to celebrate Mother’s Day with someone so passionate about life and work, and having my daughter alongside me for this shoot was an added joy!”

The collection has something for lots of different mums with fun, playful styles mixed in with classic pieces that women of every age appreciate. Floral prints are a staple as always with oh so soft robes and cosy slippers making great choices to snuggle up with as the weather cools.

Peter loves the opportunity to celebrate his own mother, Julette Alexander, each Mother’s Day and he notes her unconditional love and support has helped his succeed with his brand and become a household name. His Mother’s Day collection is one of his favourite and most highly anticipated collections of the year. “I would never be the household name that I am today without my Mum!” adds Peter. “I think she truly is a Wonder-Mum! Each year when I am designing my Mother’s Day Collection, from the product right through to the catalogue, I am always thinking about how I can bring that sense of love, appreciation and of course style for all Mum’s to enjoy.”

Peter Alexander’s Mother’s Day collection is available now in stores and online.

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