Perfecting the Polo: Easy tips on what to wear

Come join us at the BMW NZ Polo Open for the ultimate High Goal event. It’s a day to experience the high-class world of this professional game with top players and international fashion brands. Style and sophistication, fashion and glamour are all part of this prestigious polo event – think Julia Roberts polo experience in Pretty Woman.

Our fashion judges will be out looking for entrants for the High Goal Fashion in the Field Competition.  Have fun and ensure you dress to impress!

As the Fashion Director for the BMW POLO these are my tips on what to wear on the day:

For the ladies:
– Think casual, chic daywear, no cocktail dresses. The polo isn’t as formal as the races, but not as casual as the beach, so go for something in-between that’s comfortable and appropriate. Colourful is fine but not sparkly, if you would wear it out to a bar on Saturday night don’t wear it to the polo.
– Start with the shoes and work your way up, pretty wedges or glamorous flats are the way to go as stilettos get stuck in the grass and end up with dirt all over them. Wearing appropriate shoes will also make it possible for you to participate in the “divot-stomping” on the field during half-time. Check out Pretty Woman if you’re not sure what this is.
– Once you have great shoes, move on to the dress. As paddocks can be a bit windy and you will be outside, don’t wear anything too short and floaty. A great shift dress, a longer kaftan or alternatively chic trousers and a crisp white shirt will all work well and be stylish and comfortable. If you’re going to wear shorts, make sure they’re not too short, the look is less beachy, more resort.
– A practical hat and sunglasses for sun protection are essential on the field. Nothing too formal and definitely no fascinators! If you’re not a hat person, a beautiful printed head scarf can also provide sun protection; don’t forget the SPF30 for your face either.
– Make sure you bring an adequate handbag that can hold all the things you need to be outside for the day. You’ll need somewhere to keep your sunscreen, water, hairbrush, makeup etc and it might be an idea to pack a cardi too, just in case the wind picks up a bit.

For the guys:
– Similar to the ladies; think casual but not beachy or too formal. Again, start with the shoes and go for leather loafers that are practical and chic. Don’t wear anything resembling running shoes or jandals.
– A great pair of trousers – nice jeans or casual cotton trousers are best. Don’t wear anything that’s too athletic looking and no short shorts either.  Make sure your belt suits your trousers too.
– Add a crisp cotton or linen shirt; you can also wear a polo-style top if you choose. Think light plain colours, stripes or checks, definitely no slogans, Hawaiian prints or anything too loud.
– Be sure to remember a good hat and a fashionable pair of sunglasses for sun protection; add SPF30 to your face and you’re ready to go.

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See you at the polo!

– Lulu Wilcox

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