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I don’t know about you, but the approach of summer always comes hand-in-hand with major body freak outs!

Pulling your pins out of your winter jeans and stockings and getting them out in the open is kind of like Brazilian waxing – unpleasant, but necessary – so I have put together a few tips, tricks and products so you can wear those summer dresses with confidence.


If you start now, a light walk three times a week will get rid of water retention and give your legs that little extra bit of tone – grab a friend and make it a social occasion – try some hills for an extra work out.

Calf lifts while you are brushing your teeth twice a day will also help to really shape those lower legs. Simply rise up on your toes, pause briefly at the top, lower slowly and repeat for as long as it takes you to brush your teeth.

Hair removal

If you’re like me, removing the hair from your legs in winter is an occasion that arises every couple of weeks when you either remember, or get so disgusted in yourself that you just have to do it.

Summer, however is a different story – and removing the hair from your legs should become a totally regular activity

If you are shaving, please, please, please use a shaving cream – it just makes all the difference to the end result!

Try not to do it more than every 3 days – otherwise you can end up with unslightly razor bumps.

My favorite razor:
Venus Embrace – perfect shave every time!


My favourite waxing salon: OFF Wax and Brow Bar in Newmarket, Auckland

Products I love!

L’Oreal Paris NutriSummer Tone Up 24hr Moisturising Lotion. RRP$17.49

A fabulous daily moisturising lotion that gradually builds up a great, natural looking tan and claims to help reduce the appearance of cellulite. Now I can’t vouch for the cellulite reduction as I avoid looking at ‘those’ areas on my body, but start applying this on Monday night and by the weekend you will have a yummy all over tan, and nice, bronzed up legs. RRP$17.49

L’Oréal Paris Exfotonic Revitalising Gel Exfoliator. RRP$28.99

This really is one of my favourite exfoliators as I love the rough texture, and the way it polished my skin. Great for getting rid of rough patches and fixing up fake tan accidents, it makes your skin look like new and smells great – a must have for the shower in the lead up to summer.

Dermalogica Exfoliating Body Scrub


A yummy yummy yummy scrub – fantastic for pre-fake tanning preparation. I like to use this scrub before I get into the shower on dry skin and then wash it all off – this way I really get the most out of it and my skin feels like silk.

St Ives Body Polishes RRP $10.90
Everyone I know has a real soft spot for St Ives apricot facial scrub– and now there are three new products in the St Ives range that are just as wonderful, and perfect for the legs. They are sugar based, and a little trick that the lovely St Ives ladies taught me at the launch is that the sugar crystals dissolve, which means you can start on your legs, and exfoliate your whole body, and then by the time you get back around to your legs, the crystals have dissolved, leaving a silky cream to shave your legs with!

The scrubs come in three varieties – RENEWING Collagen Elastin, Mousturising oatmeal and Shea butter, and smoothing mineral therapy.

Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Plump Perfect Firming Body Soufflé 200ml RRP$79
I am a total sucker for any skin product that is described as a soufflé! This gorgeous product has a dreamy texture and your skin looks instantly firmer, smoother and more radiant – plus it hydrates and comforts even the driest parts of your skin! Definitely a winner!

Icing on the cake.

Before you leave the house, finish your legs off with something delicious to really make the most of them.

Sweet Almond Oil
Cheap-as-chips, Sweet Almond Oil is available everywhere (health stores, supermarkets) and is perfect for glossing your legs up to make them gleam – it also acts as a great moisturiser.

L’Oreal True match Bronze Glow RRP $35.99
I like to mix L’Oreal True match liquid bronzers with my moisturiser to give my legs a bronze sheen.

Elizabeth Arden Mediterranean Breeze Shimmer Powder RRP$69
I love this product because it is scented with a sweet, delicate fruity floral fragrance and a soft golden bronze colour.

Tip: Applying some shimmer cream or powder down the centre front of your leg will make them appear thinner and more toned!

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