Peachay is a curvy new denim brand you need to know about


Isabella Sen, f0under of Peachay. Image supplied.

If you’re an hourglass shape and struggle to find denim that fits well, then Peachay is an Australian denim label that you need to know about. Rather than opting for a one-size-fits-all approach, Peachay has made the somewhat controversial decision to only cater to one shape. Founded in 2018 by Isabella Sen, Peachay creates denim exclusively for women with hourglass body shapes and has been dubbed the ‘most flattering ever’ for women with smaller waists and curvier hips, butt and thighs.

While Peachay believes that all women should have somewhere to turn when it comes to finding clothes that fit their bodies, Peachay’s founder Isabella Sen saw a clear gap in the market for tailored denim for hourglass shapes. Peachay even created their own unique size chart to help customers find the perfect fit. The brand has gained a growing following of customers for it’s comfortable denim that is made from organic cotton.

We caught up with Isabella Sen to find out more about how Peachay came about, what the response has been like and what her top tips are for choosing denim that fits well?

Where did the idea for Peachay come from and how did you go about creating your brand?

I’ve always found jean shopping to be a bit of a nightmare because nothing fits me the way it should. Whether it was jeans getting stuck at my thighs or gaping around the waist, I just couldn’t seem to find that perfect pair that accommodated my smaller waist and bigger booty and thighs. In fact, finding clothes in general that fit my hourglass body shape was quite tricky! One day, I was wearing a pair of pants and the stitching in the middle of my bum split. At the time, I really felt there was no brand to turn to when it came to jeans that fit my body shape, so I decided to create my own. Hence, Peachay was born.

In terms of creating my brand, I’d have to say it was a bit of trial and error! One of the most important things for me was ensuring the cut of the denim was perfect, and so many things had to be considered such as fabric type, wash, stretch etc. I spent a lot of time doing fittings, trying to get the best fit and chatting to women to understand what it was about jeans shopping that they hated the most. I started small, only making 100 pairs and then it kind of exploded from there.


Jeans from Peachay’s current collection.

What has the response to Peachay been like so far?

It’s been incredible! I knew when I was creating the brand that I wasn’t the only gal with an hourglass body shape that felt frustrated, so I think for many of my customers there was a sense of relief to finally have a brand to turn to. While we’re still relatively new, we are gaining more and more loyal followers each and every day (including some celebs which has been really exciting).

What are your favourite pieces from Peachay’s current range and why?

In my opinion, you can’t go past The Chelsea Jean for the ultimate fit (plus bonus is that it comes in a few different colour washes like dark blue and black). We’re currently working on a new range of options for our customers (including some brand new items) so ask me in a couple of months and I might have a different answer!

How would you describe your personal style and how does it influence Peachay?

I’m a jeans and t-shirt gal through and through so for me comfort is everything. While I do love to dress up, I spend a lot of my time in my Peachay jeans running to meetings or walking my dog (bonus is our jeans are squat proof so you can really move easily in them). However I am mindful at times I do – and others – want to mix it up, which is why we’re set to expand beyond denim later in the year.

What are your top tips for choosing jeans that fit well?

When it comes to jeans, finding the perfect fit isn’t always easy. At Peachay, we always recommend measuring your body because it is by far the most reliable way to find the perfect fit. Not everyone is straight up and down, and if you’re a gal that has a smaller waist and bit of a booty, denim shopping can be tricky (which is why we created Peachay in the first place – just for those gals)! We’ve also opted for a modern take on size charts and rather than labelling jeans in traditional sizes like small or large, we ask that women ‘find their flower’.

Our fit quiz finds a woman’s fit based on their body measurements (with each shape represented by flowers). For this hack, you will need a measuring tape to measure your waist and booty. This video will show you exactly how to do this.

Be warned though, not all denim brands cater to every body shape. Ideally you want to find one that caters to your shape, just like Peachay caters to women with the hourglass body shape.


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