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Marcelo Gonzalez from Wella

Marcelo Gonzalez of Marcelo&Co salon. Image supplied.

Party season is around the corner so how can we avoid damaging our hair with so much styling and heated tool use going on? More than ever we live in a time of 24/7 ‘Insta’ ready locks, particularly when it comes to event season, so protecting your hair from damage is key. With today’s technology and hair care products there is no reason for hair to become damaged from styling but there are a couple of things you can do to help prevent damage.

Check that your styler isn’t working at too high a temperature. A styler like the ghd platinum, uses tri-zone™ technology to deliver constant heat at an optimum temperature (185 degrees) to deliver safer-for-the-hair heat and great results in just one stroke.

Always use a heat protectant as it forms a protective barrier over each strand of hair to protect it during styling as well as locking in hydration to gently nourish the hair creating healthy looking hair.

We chatted to Marcelo Gonzalez of Marcelo&Co salon about how to restore shine to damaged hair, which products he recommends for party season and his go-to hair looks.


Sebastian Twisted campaign

New Twisted Collection. Hair by Sebastian Global Creative Directors Michael Polsinelli and Shay Dempsey.

If we have already been hard on our hair and it’s in need of TLC what are your tips for restoring shine?
Hydration is the key to restoring health and shine which is particularly challenging during summer with its hot, dry conditions. Next time you’re in-salon talk to your stylist. They are professionally trained and understand which products will work best for your hair to restore health and shine.

While you’re there treat yourself to a repair treatment. In-salon intensive care treatments can offer a powerful solution to address damaged hair. Treatments like Wella’s new Fusion Amino Refiller, in particular, will help to lock in moisture, repairing dryness and damage leaving your hair up to 95% more resilient to breakage.

For an at home solution I’d recommend trying the Fusion line which is designed to continue the great work done in-salon, at home. The range includes a repair shampoo, conditioner and intensive repair mask.

What are your top tips for healthy hair in general?
How often you should wash your hair is a much-debated subject, however it really does depend on your hair type and how active your scalp is in producing oil. Those with coloured hair really shouldn’t wash their hair everyday as this can damage the hair and dull the colour. Invest in good quality shampoo, conditioner and leave-in treatments or hair masks, particularly if you have curly hair.

Make sure you book in regular visits to your hairdresser; around every six weeks. They can advise you as to which products are best for you. Depending on the needs of your hair they may not all be from the same range.


Wella Professionals Fusion

WELLA Professionals Fusion collection.

What are your favourite Wella products at the moment?
Wella Professionals’ Fusion range is their first intensive care repair line which is the perfect solution for helping recover over-processed hair. It refills and replenishes worn hair fibre, giving your hair some much needed TLC, so you can experiment with different hair looks while protecting your hair.

Another fantastic line is Sebastian Professionals’ TWISTED with Flexi-AlgTM technology. Curls (and waves) are on trend so if you’ve got them, embrace them! The new Twisted range brings elasticity, bounciness, moisture, definition and anti-frizz protection to all types of curly and wavy hair, natural or styled.

Where do you find your inspiration for creating hair looks?
I take inspiration from everywhere I look. I love seeing the innovative looks that are created by other stylists for Industry awards like Wella TrendVision, as well as fashion trends, pop culture and street style.

What are your go-to hair looks for party season?
This is the season to have fun and experiment. Try something new. If you’re embracing #CurlPower, whether they are natural or styled, let them flow or lightly restrain them for a beautifully unstructured bun.

With the summer party season here, the balayage style is more popular than ever. However, many clients often already have dry or damaged hair due to the harsh sun and everyday environmental factors. Using the Wella Fusion range creates shine and softness, and in some clients with earlier stages of split ends, the Fusion Intense Repair Treatment completely restores the ends.

It goes without saying, no matter what style you do choose, it’s important to ensure that your hair embodies health and shine.

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