Paralympian Sophie Pascoe on being Jockey’s new ambassador

Sophie Pascoe Jockey Ambassador

Paralympian Sophie Pascoe is Jockey’s new ambassador. Image supplied.

Para-swimmer Sophie Pascoe has achieved so much already in her 27 years and the talented athlete was recently announced as the new ambassador for Jockey. Sophie is New Zealand’s most successful para-athlete having won nine Paralympic swimming gold medals, six Halberg Awards and she was the first Paralympian to carry New Zealand’s flag at a Commonwealth Games. She’s also a fashion fan and is excited to represent a brand like Jockey that also champions diversity.

Sophie is the perfect woman to be the ambassador for Jockey’s new Bravo II bra range campaign as she embodies the spirit of the modern, independent woman. The campaign for Bravo II aims to celebrate all women across all shapes and sizes, life stages and mindsets. Bras are a recent addition to the Jockey brand with the new range including a contour bra that supports the natural bust shape as well as an underwire bra. Bravo II has been designed with confidence and support in mind so every woman can take on the world.

We caught up with Sophie to find out more about her role with Jockey, who she looks to for inspiration and what her goals are for the future?

How did your ambassador role with Jockey come about and what does it mean to you?
Jockey approached me via my management to be their 2020 brand ambassador late in 2019. I was really thrilled to be asked and it was a no-brainer for me to partner with them. Jockey is a globally recognised brand that has always been a champion for celebrating modern women and their real bodies. I’ve always been an advocate for diversity and body confidence, so it was a natural partnership for me.

What are your favourite Jockey pieces from the new range?
I love the Jockey Women Fleur Underwire Bra and matching Fleur Bikini Brief

How would you describe your personal style?
My personal style changes and depends on the day and how I’m feeling. Being an athlete I switch up between my swimwear and sportswear on a daily basis but weekends are when I like to express my personality more through fashion. When it’s warm in the summer I love to be feminine in dresses and a nice wedge heel whilst winter is more about warmth and comfort whilst still being fashionable so I love layering and boots. I love shoes and try and wear heels as much as I can!

When you’re not in the pool what are your favourite New Zealand designers and brands to wear?
My wardrobe is a mixture of a variety of local and international brands as I love to shop when I am overseas so have collected some great pieces on my travels. My favourite New Zealand designers include RUBY, Georgia Alice, Paris Georgia and Caitlin Crisp. I also love Meadowlark jewellery and wear a lot of their earrings.

Sophie Pascoe Jockey Ambassador

Sophie wearing pieces from Jockey’s latest collection. Image supplied.

Who do you look to for positive inspiration?
The strong females in my life definitely provide me with inspiration from my Mum and Nana right through to my sister and even my new baby niece. I am lucky enough to be surrounded by some amazing people who are part of my wider support team and Team Pascoe.

A big part of diversity is representation, seeing people that look like you in the media and magazines, what does that representation mean to you personally?
It means embracing my body to showcase to society that beauty comes in all different shapes and sizes.

You’re an active social media user and like to keep things real on your feed, how do you find the response on social and what are the interactions with your followers like?
I’m lucky enough to have a really positive social media community that follow and interact with me. They all embrace my confident outlook on life and are supportive of me and my journey.

How do you personally define success and what does it mean to you?
I define success by making myself and others proud of my achievements so I can confidently know I am contributing to a lasting legacy to help inspire the disabled and para sport community that they too can also take on the world.

What are you most proud of doing?
I am proud of all my achievements and am fortunate enough to represent my country and compete in the highest level of my sport and achieve success in this too, however I’m most proud of my ability to not be afraid of being myself and the person I have grown to be today.

What are your goals for the future?
Tokyo 2020 is a big one where I will look to retain my titles and I’m also really interested in exploring the possibility of my own fashion brand one day in the future.

Sophie Pascoe Jockey Ambassador

Sophie Pascoe Jockey Ambassador

Images supplied.

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