The History of PANDORA
Back in 1982, a jewelers’ shop that would one day become PANDORA was established by the goldsmith P. Enevoldsen and his wife in modest surroundings on Nørrebrogade in Copenhagen, Denmark. With the launch of the Charm Bracelet in 2000, the success of PANDORA started to spread through Scandinavia with distribution opening in Sweden and Norway. Within two years, distribution had spread to Finland and the Netherlands and USA distribution followed in 2003.


PANDORA Jewelry has become known for its craftsmanship, quality and modern design. All PANDORA jewelry is made from solid sterling silver and solid 14ct or 18ct gold, often with beautifully crafted motifs and elegant details combined with fresh water pearls and precious stones such as sapphires, rubies, amethysts, garnets and brilliant-cut diamonds

The popularity of PANDORA means that across the world, a charm is sold every second. In 2004 PANDORA was introduced to Australia and this was followed by New Zealand in 2005.


Today PANDORA is a global brand that is sold in 32 countries with 90 staff at the head office in Copenhagen, over 2,000 employees at PANDORA production facilities in Thailand and more than 10,000 stores stocking PANDORA worldwide. There are distribution operations in Belgium, Germany, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, Portugal and Switzerland and Hong Kong.

Scandanavian designed, hand made, high crafted quality

PANDORA uses sterling silver or 14 Carat Gold to produce it’s highly intricate charms, each PANDORA Charm is handled by 38 pairs of hands during the manufacturing process.

Enamel beads are hand painted, all precious and semi precious stones are hand set, the team sort through 400,000 stones daily, for which only 100,000 are selected as suitably high quality to be hand set in the charms themselves.

PANDORA's fine jewellery line, LovePods
, is created in stunning 18 carat yellow and white gold. The designs are based on the life cycle of a flower. Seed pods, bursting with promise, are echoed in the droplet pendants, delicate earrings and curvaceous ‘stackable' rings, all decorated with brilliant-cut diamonds, and precious stones in a rainbow of colours.

LovePod rings come one, two, three, six and eight-pod versions with four diamond pavé sizes that bring real brilliant-cut fire to the mix. Graceful drop-chain earrings with bright, sparkling stones and fine diamond-dabbed chain bracelets are also in the collection.


Ring Upon Ring PANDORA rings are designed to be stackable, meaning you can layer and mix and match stones, tones and textures building your own Jewelry pieces that nobody else will have.

Matching Jewelry
in earrings, charms, rings and necklaces. Full sets of pieces for you to complement different looks or add a consistency to a look


Liquid Silver
Inspired by the ever-changing beauty of flowing water, the Liquid Silver Collection brings fluid form and elegant simplicity to the PANDORA range. Ripple, Bubbles, Flow and Stream designs are worked in glossy, solid sterling silver and pieces include earrings, pendants, rings and sculptural bangles.


Leather Lariets and Cotton Strings are proving to be very popular; completely customisable you build your own edgier styled pieces

New Product
ranges are launched twice a year in Autumn and Spring.


View the latest Pandora collection here.




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