Pammy in the flesh

Pammy in the flesh

Excited about attending the Pamela Anderson conference, me? Yes! She is one of the most famous people I have shared a room with and I was fascinated to see such stardom in real life.

I’m not sure what our hardworking designers would have made of Richie Rich’s early comment “a lot of people think it is like – planned – but it’s totally not.” These two are definitely about having FUN as they stressed several times.

Pamela is fine featured and very pretty but those tits are big and hard looking and unfortunate. As you can see from the pictures she wore what appeared to be a piece of fuchsia cotton lycra. What interested me though was that although there was nothing cerebral about the pair’s thoughts on fashion, the mega-star is clearly VERY quick witted. I asked her how she would suggest her daughter dressed and she said, quick as a flash, “well, I have two boys so I don’t care.” Rich describes her as “a gay man in the body of a woman” which he clearly meant as a compliment.

Again that quick wit shined when Pammy was hongied by a Maori TV presenter – “strangely erotic” she surmised (to my delight at least)! Admittedly the wit was countered by some fly-by-the-seat-of-your-bikini dumb-isms: ““I could live here – it’s like Canada.” “I don’t know a lot about fashion – I don’t wear many clothes.”

Apparently Pamela went to the airport with a pair of shoes and a passport. Richie Rich had the clothes and when customs asked him why he had so much he said “I couldn’t decide what to wear!” Pammy reciprocates his praise “He’s a real artist, Richie is the real deal.”

I’m picking more showmanship than ‘fashion’ at tomorrow’s Fashion Week gig but as Richie says (and I paraphrase): “Why does everybody have to be a Debbie Downer? Kids – be yourself! Be fun! Be who you are! Everyone else can get f^&*ed.” A*MUSE evolves as it goes! We see what happens!

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